• This is an important election ( 22nd May ) for Wolverhampton as the Mayor will have influence over transport, land use, economic development, mental health etc.

    Vote Bike 2017 is now live, so you can contact the candidates in the West Midlands elections and ask them how they will support cycling, or if you're already aware of their policies, please get in touch and thank them so they realise just how important an issue cycling is.

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    There are 78 candidates for the Wolverhampton Borough Council Elections on Thursday.

    We have asked each candidate 2 questions as part of a snapshot survey towards the cycling attitudes of our future decision makers.

    1 - Do you Ride a bicycle and if so, for what purposes? If you don't ride is there a particular reason?

    2 - Do you support the general principles of the Space4Cycling campaign and if so, which of the themes do you think relevant for your prospective ward?

  • Although there seems to be a lot of interest with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) regional elections and Corby, there is also an uberlocal being played out in the suburbs of Wolverhampton.
    The Park Ward by-election is on Thursday 15th November.

    Roger Gray (Liberal Democrat)
    Jenny Brewer (Conservative)
    Craig Collingswood (Labour)
    David Mackintosh (UKIP)

    Publicity Officer for Wolves on Wheels and Resident of Park Ward SY asked all four prospective candidates in the by-election three questions.

    1. When is the last time you rode a bicycle?
    2. What do you think of the proposed city centre plan to reduce cycle-able routes in central Wolverhampton?
    3. How would you increase cycling in Park Ward?

    Here are their responses :

    All of the prospective councillors were made aware of the questions via 1st class letter (with a Team GB special edition Olympics track-racing stamp) to the address listed on Wolverhampton Council Website and via e-mail.

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