In 2001 Wolves on Wheels members produced a full IHT Cycle Audit and Review of the route between Tettenhall village and Chapel Ash along the Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton.

This was a UK first for a cycle campaign group.

  • WoWcc was one of the first voluntary organisations to perform a full IHT Cycle Audit and Review.
  • This report assesses the level of service and cycleability of the 3 miles from Tettenhall Green to Wolverhampton City Centre.
  • Retail value £5000.
  • Assessor:- Tim Jones.
  • Still valid because the route needs improving as described within.

PDF Cycle Audit and Review briefing for WoWcc survey team
These notes by Tim Jones were to help our members engaged in surveying the Tettenhall Road for our 2001 IHT Cycle Audit and Review of this main arterial road.

PDF Figures 01 to 06 Route Photographs
PDF Figures 07 to 12 Route Photographs
PDF Figures 13 to 18 Route Photographs
PDF Figures 19 to 24 Route Photographs
PDF Figures 25 to 30 Route Photographs
PDF Figures 31 to 36 Route Photographs

PDF Appendix 1 Technique for ascribing the level of service for cyclists.
PDF Appendix 2 Stage 1 Review of conditions.
PDF Appendix 5 Maps showing alignment of route.
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