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The council is preparing a new plan for Wolverhampton for 2014-2026.

The City Centre Area Action Plan (AAP), will "help deliver a positive and forward looking vision for the city centre".

The AAP will identify areas for future change, including the location of new development, areas to be protected and enhanced and help the council make decisions on planning applications. It will also influence decisions about jobs, the environment, shopping, transport, and community facilities. 

See Section 3.61 : "Cycling provision often follows the pedestrian network"  "There is a lack of a coherent network of safe and convenient cycle routes for those of all abilities into and across the city centre. The importance of cycling access through the city centre is recognised in the proposal, following consultation, to create a cycle contraflow lane as part of the improvements to Lichfield Street/ Queen Square. "

Full details at : http://engagement.wton-partnership.org.uk/detail.php?id=586

PDF of Consultation (3.7MB)
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