The Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign website ran on from 27th April 2002 until 3rd December 2013.

The server is still working, however without administrator access to it, we are unable to repair the Joomla install.  The domain name is registered until 26th April 2014 so we shall see what happens then.


I spectacularly crashed the website myself from 18/11/2012 to 22/11/2012.  Whilst attempting to improve the SEO of the page names, a plugin caused a site-wide server error.  This was rectified by applying server level password protecting to the Joomla directory, then removing password, thereby re-setting the .htaccess file to host default!


Having prepared a backup one week before it finally crashed in 2013, I'm pretty confident that 99% of the amazing original content produced by IF and DH has been transferred.


All credit to this pair, along with all past, present and future contributors for the amazing depth of articles produced over the years, and their enthusiasm towards promoting the Wolverhampton cycling culture.


From a research perspective, it's crucial for a group like ours to know when infrastructure was installed, eg Cycle Lockers at Wolverhampton railway station, to understand any previous issues faced, how this was resolved, hence how to overcome these more easily in future.


If you have any minutes from a meeting or cycle forum which isn't listed on the site, please do get in touch, or email through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Features of the new website will include a members-only forum, along with other member-only resources and goodies. Rome wasn't built in a day, however with your support, we can all make Wolverhampton a better place for riding a unicycle, bike, trike or quadroped :-)


Why not join us now?  Single membership costs around 2p per day ( just £7 per year ), and helps support our campaign to improve conditions for riding around Wolverhampton.

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Steve Y







5th July 2013


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