The scheme is to improve traffic flow when the new Sainsbury's is completed.

See this article for further details of the Sainsbury's Scheme.

This junction is very close to the A449 Penn Road, a dual carriageway close to the Wolverhampton Ring Road.


Lea Rd Retreat St Proposed Layout
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Alternative Layout via Alasdair MassieLea rd alasdair massie

WCC said that it is widely acknowledged it would be better to keep the right turn movements for cyclists, and this is why we have proposed the arrangement.

The design objective is enable cyclists to continue to turn right into Retreat Street from Lea Road (following turning off Penn Road), whilst restricted larger vehicles for this manoeuvre.

Cars would also be unable to turn right from Retreat Street into Lea Road. The central area within the box can be entered from 4 directions with a standard kerb height creating the central box.

Although at first the consensus was that the design was a bit untried, it would be interesting to see how effective this works in practice in assisting cycle movements in the area.

WCC recognised our initial concerns, and have advised that they can revisit the location at a future date if adjustment appears necessary.

Although it is encouraging to see WCC providing cycling facilities, in close proximity, the Penn Island on the main Wolverhampton ringroad is causing considerable difficulties for cyclists.

WCC have also said via email 23/11/2012 "The pedestrian subway is to remain and will be aesthetically improved.  I believe this can be designated a shared use route." and

"After due consideration we have decided to go ahead with the proposed arrangement to enable the right turns in and out for cyclists.

We recognise that there are concerns about this and so I would ask everyone who to be alive to comments about how it works when implemented, and to feed them back to me. 

We can always revisit the location at a future date if adjustment appears necessary"

Update from WCC 07/01/2013 :




Should you have any feedback on the design, good or bad, please get in contact with us!

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