Proposal draft shows that it will be really difficult to get around the city centre and reach the station. The proposal is about improving the "public realm", making a café culture and bring life back to the shops BUT does not value the custom of cycling visitors by making riding to the shops completely inconvenient and the station impossible to reach. NCN81 becomes one way - that's a GET LOST message to cycle tourists starting their trip to Shrewsbury and the Welsh Coast!

An emergency meeting has been called tonight 3 November upstairs at the Lich Gate [you can still cycle to it] from 7pm by CTC Right to Ride Rep David Holman. A councillor has asked for comments from as many cyclists as possible to represent our views on Tuesday night at the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel meeting where the formal consultation in to the City Centre proposals opens.

Rough Meeting Notes / Ideas:

Photo opp of trailers on alternative routes
Will encourage bicycle users onto pavaments
Gradient profile from bottom left to top right
4.10 - issues of pedestrian safety - bikes going slower uphill
Best practice guidelines for contraflow cycle lanes - rd widths
Contact prospective councillors
Lack of 20mph enforcement or reference to 20mph area
Examples of other infrastructure ( Darlington, Bristol , Uxbridge, exhibition rd, south kensingotn, Leicester )
Old Hall St Contraflow - been done before
No entry except cycles
Neverlands - Shop visit spend lower, but more visits
Sustrans - LM02
Taxi parking - not on Victoria St, instead Wulfruna St
Visible cycle counters
Extra Bus stops on market St ?
Actual statistics
Sustainable scrutiny committee - members
Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel meeting
no choice but to cycle through City Centre.
Race track - ringroad
Infrastructure change - inner city ring loop for cyclists
testimonials from york, cambridge etc
mockup of NCN81 with no entry to cyclists
RNIB Mapping - Wolves City Centre ?
manual for living streets
electric car charging points
asl's - good for pedestrians
higher average monthly spend than cars
David - confirm email address and address to send new membership forms
Contact RNIB / blind streets safety people - many common goals

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