Mission Statement


The Forum is committed to working together on a consultative basis advising on all aspects of cycle development and publicity with a view to increasing the number of cycle journeys in the City Of Wolverhampton.
The Forum will also work to provide a positive road safety message for cycling in the City so that residents, of all age groups, have the confidence to use the highway network.



  • To provide innovation and best practice in the provision of facilities and education and publicity material for cyclists
  • to maximize the convenience, safety and continuity of the highway network for cyclists
  • to identify and promote the development of suitable off-road cycle routes
  • to promote positive images of cycling
  • To promote and encourage sports and leisure facilities which actively encourage cycling as a healthy activity
  • To give less experienced or returning cyclists the confidence to use the road network safely
  • to monitor the existing levels of cycling within the City
  • to improve trip end facilities where necessary in line with increased cycle use
  • to raise awareness amongst all road users of the needs of cyclists using the highway
  • to actively seek cycle links with neighbouring Authorities when and where opportunities arise 
  • To review the performance of the Forum against its own objectives on an annual basis



  • increase the number of cycle journeys in the City in line with the West Midlands LTP target
  • to match or better the West Midland average for injury occurring to cyclists, as a percentage of all injury accidents on the highway network


RAB 15.09.08
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