Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

Infrastructure Sub-Group meeting 12 December 2008

Regrettably no minutes were taken by council officers at this meeting. :-(

David Holman's notes cover only the most important aspect of the meeting :-)

The Merridale Road local safety scheme was discussed.
The two zebra crossings on the stretch of this road near Bantock Park each have very wide running lanes on both sides of the central refuge.
WCC wishes to narrow these to prevent overtaking of a vehicle stopped at the crossing while a pedestrian is crossing.
Observations of car overtaking a bus while a person is on the crossing have been made too often.
Wolves on Wheels members noted the necessity for change and (following a letter from David Holman to Mr Barker on the subject) put the case forward that there should be no running lanes through narrowing of between 3.0 and 4.0 metres.
Research by TRL and others, plus the experience of countless UK cyclists, show that lane widths between these values are where some drivers will attempt to overtake when there isn't room to do so.
Really frightening and unpleasant confrontations occur.

Mr Barker undertook that there will be no further running lanes through narrowings [e.g. pedestrian refuges and splitter islands] of between 3.0 and 4.0 metres on plain stretches of road in order to promote cycling safety. 
All new design in Wolverhampton for traffic calming and crossings will have running lanes of less than 3 metres and greater than 4 metres except at the entrance / exit to roundabouts.
The exception was agreed due to lower speeds, large vehicle turning circles and typical layout details found at roundabouts.

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