Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

Meeting Room 2, Third Floor, Civic Centre

Minutes of Meeting held 22/10/08 @ 6.30pm


Win Sutton Local Resident

Jennifer Cromie Chair

Julia Pursehouse Wolves on Wheels

David Wilson Wolves on Wheels/ Sustrans Liaison Ranger

Dave Nicholson Wolves on Wheels

Ric Bravery Wolverhampton City Council (Minutes)

Cllr Robin Lawrence Wolverhampton City Council



Louise Massey  Wolverhampton PCT

Marcus Asbury Wolverhampton City Council

Derek Clark Wolves BUG

Dave Holman Wolves on Wheels

Peter Rollings Wolverhampton City Council

David Cheetham CTC Cycle Champions Project



Minutes of Last Meeting (23 July 2008)

Minutes Agreed



Matters Arising

7. Terms of Reference agreed with additional bullet point suggested by Marcus Asbury regarding access for all sections of community. Revised Terms of Reference to be circulated with minutes

Action: RB

8. Strategic Transportation Forum - cancelled




Publicising The Forum 


  • Local papers including free sheets (W'ton Chronicle & AdNews)
  • What's On in Express & Star Action: JC
  • Poster / Leaflet. RB to produce for New Year and pass to JC to circulate.Action: RB
  • Leaflets round bike shops
  • Combine meeting with Bike Ride?
  • Attach leaflets to parked cycles
  • Wolves BUG to organise short rides





CTC Cycle Champions

Report circulated. DC unable to attend but will aim to attend future meetings.



Wolverhampton Interchange

As previously advised, secure enclosed cycle parking to be provided on the ground floor of the Car Park. Detail revised. Locations for covered Sheffield stands outside agreed. Open racks to be provided adjacent to station entrance.

Access to Broad St Basin through the Banana Yard will be by a set of steps with a wheeling ramp due to issues with levels.

Access to canal via Corn Hill 'pocket park' is not part of proposal as outwith application site but is part of wider proposals and will be secured as part of Steam Mill development.

Lighting of canal tunnel not part of scheme.

(Update: latest anticipated date for planning application is Feb 2009)



New Summer Row/ Retail Core Expansion (RCE)

Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) are not in proposed highway works.

Revision to cycle link along Worcester Street has not been sorted - possibility of losing what counter flow link there is from Penn Road Island towards Victoria Street.

To be discussed at next meeting RB to ensure on agenda and others to bring evidence in support of ASLs.

Action: RB/ All


RB/ All



Infrastructure Group Report

Discussion of Newhampton Road scheme - logos of cycle but no lines to identify lanes. Discussion about cycle lanes. David Holman (DH) has previously discussed with Chris Barker (CB).

Cycle parking - list previously agreed now installed, further requests being examined by John Fairchild (JF). Additional request from WoW for:

  • cycle parking in Market Square
  • change cycle racks at Bantock Park for Sheffield stands

Cycle parking has also been installed at Northicote, Colton Hills & Uplands schools.

Cycling in Parks still an issue - needs change in by-laws to permit. Cllr Reynolds had previously indicated he was willing to consider evidence but not raised with new administration.

DW issue regarding barriers at Lunt Sculpture Pak needs investigating with CB/ JF

Action: JF

JF met DH 31/10/08 to discuss cycling and Metro on A41 Bilston Road.





Training Report

PR not present. RB reported:

  • Money from School Sports Partnership is to fund Bikeability training in all secondary schools
  • PR looking at running maintenance training course at Smestow School, a 4 week course for people who don't cycle
  • Still training at junior schools
  • Still offering adult cycle training
  • Cycle training at Westcroft Special Needs school with 90 children

JC - where is her certificate?

Action: PR




Marketing / Promotions Report

Cycle Maps - Sandeep Aheer (SA) has ordered reprint of current map but is still planning to review and update and consult when he does so..

Action: SA




Wolves on Wheels

  • Julia Pursehouse is new secretary.
  • DW reported on AGM.
  • WOW is now to meet quarterly not monthly, on a Wednesday one week before each Cycle Forum.
  • Meet at Friends' Meeting House, Summerfield Road.
  • Also setting up a new position: Archivist & Information Officer

DN raised issue of transportation works being carried out without any prior consultation on cycling issues. WoW to work out what information they require and provide to RB who will advise accordingly.

Action: WoW/ RB

Go to www.wolvesbug.moonfruit.com to join Wolves BUG.




Sustrans Liaison Ranger

DW reported that there are unresolved issues with regard to NCN Route 81 which he has been trying to sort out.

DW is awaiting:

·Action by Staffs CC who agreed work on their part of Route 81 adjacent to WCC boundary.

·Action by Sustrans who need to approach WCC with regard to shared use in WCC parks adjacent to canal.

DW to follow up with Sustrans to discuss issue with their Area Manager.

Action: DW

Cross City Route. Two signs have been removed as part of traffic calming work round West Park and not reinstated.

RB and RL to follow up.

Action: RB/ RL (note RL has since followed up with Road Safety Engineering)





Future Meetings

For Cycle forum, agreed for 2009 to stick to 6:30pm at Civic Centre but to change to Thursdays. Following dates agreed:

29 January

30 April

23 July

29 October

RB to book meeting rooms

Action: RB




Any Other Business

WS - West Park traffic calming does not feel safe and is awkward for cyclists. Has it been designed for motorists rather than pedestrians or cyclists? RL advised that he has asked for an evaluation of scheme. JP advised that Carver Bike Ride was disrupted because it did not feel safe to use the road.

JP asked whether lessons had been learned from other traffic calming schemes such as those at Owen Road and Griffiths Drive.



Date of Next Meeting

Infrastructure Group, 2pm, Fri 12/12/08, Heantun House

Cycle Forum, 6:30pm, Thursday 29/01/09, Civic Centre


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