Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum 

Meeting Room 1, Third Floor, Civic Centre

Minutes of Meeting held 23/07/08 @ 6.30pm



David Wilson Wolves on Wheels

Dave Nicholson Wolves on Wheels

David Holman Wolves on Wheels

Jennifer Cromie

John Harris British Waterways

Adam Cross Walsall Council

Ric Bravery Wolverhampton City Council

Marianne Page Wolverhampton City Council



Marcus Astbury Wolverhampton City Council

David Clare Wolverhampton Friends of the Earth

Derek Clarke Wolves on Wheels

Louise Masey Wolverhampton PCT

Sarah Davis Wolves BUG

Henry Harbord Sustrans

Peter Rollings Wolverhampton City Council







Election Of Chair

David Holman nominated Jennfier Cromie, seconded by David Wilson.

Jennifer Cromie elected as chair of the Wolverhampton Cycle Forum.


Minutes of Last Meeting (7th May 2008)


P2 Item 5 should refer to a future Interchange meeting, not Infrastructure.

P4 Sustrans Liason Ranger did not suggest improvements to canal bridge, just footpaths in the area.


Minutes Agreed 



Matters Arising

Letter of thanks was received by Jennifer Cromie from the Cycle Forum.

Goodyear plans have been distributed; speak to RB for any further information.

Action: Sustrans Liaison issues to be added to the Infrastructure Meeting Agenda.



Presentation from Walsall Walking & Cycling Officer - Adam Cross

Adam Cross from Walsall MBC gave a presentation on cycling in Walsall, a copy of the presentation will be circulated with the minutes.

Adam invited the Forum members to pass on any ideas for connecting Walsall and Wolverhampton. His contact details are:

Adam Cross, Cycling & Pedestrian Officer, Road Safety Team, Walsall Council Tel: 01922 652577  Fax: 01922 653780 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cycle Demonstration Towns

WCC need to obtain feedback in order to improve any possible future bids. It seems bids produced In-house and which have much higher and broader support appear to have been favoured.

Action: RB to obtain feedback.

Thanks from the Cycle Forum to all those who have been involved in the work.



CTC Cycle Champions Project

David Cheetham has verbally accepted with a provisional start date of 11th August 2008. Congratulations to David from the Cycle Forum. (Note: David has since started in post).



Terms of Reference

The LTP target has changed and needs updating, the text should be changed within the Target to in line with the West Midlands LTP target without mention of the specific figure. This target should not refer to the specific cycle network, but should include all routes, increase number of cycle journeys in the city.

The ToR focus on the highway and should include more reference to routes off road and along the canals. The objective should be changed to ‘identify and develop suitable off road routes for use by cyclists (where appropriate).

An annual review of the Terms of Reference should be undertaken to measure the performance of the Forum against its own objectives. 



Representation at the Strategic Transportation Forum

The Wolverhampton Transportation Strategy Forum is being held on Friday 7th November at the Arena Theatre in the City Centre. The format is being improved and ideas are invited for an outside speaker to represent walking / cycling / health.

Suggestions included:

Louise Massey and/or Dr Adrian Phillips from Wolverhampton PCT

David Cheatham as CTC Cycle Champion

Dean Stevens from Sandwell

Action: RB to take back suggestions (Note: 2008 Strategic Transportation Forum has since been cancelled).



Wolverhampton Interchange

The project is developing slowly. Following a positive meeting with DH, RB and the architects a further meeting has been arranged to discuss detailed design on Friday 5thSeptember. The location is to be confirmed by RB and any requests to attend should be submitted to him. Jennifer Cromie wishes to attend this meeting.

Action: RB to inform those interested of the location.



New Summer Row

Advance Stop Lines (ASLs) are not being put in as part of the scheme. A major retailer is interested and has requested some alterations; therefore there will be an amended planning application. This may be an opportunity to push for better cycling provision and parking. (Note: planning application has since been submitted and a request for improved cycle parking made).

WCC does not have a policy to implement ASLs, RB to keep the Forum updated on this issue.

Action: RB to inform Forum of any progress on policy on ASLs.



Infrastructure Group Report 

Cycle parking is to be implemented at three locations in Bantock LNP (Local Neighbourhood Partnership) area as suggested at a LNP meeting, including Pennfield shops and Bradmore shops.


Market Square, opposite end to the council office entrance, should have cycle parking. This will be added to the list and DH will send an updated WoW list. 

Action: DH.


Objections to opening up Sweetman Street closure have been received; a cycle route has now been put through where kids play in the street. Should the consultation process be reviewed as residents were unaware of the proposal?


Action: CB to be consulted re procedures. 

John Harris (BW) met John Fairchild and RB to discuss links from the canal to the highway.


JF is working on a signed cycle spoke network of routes with destinations; he has circulated a draft to Forum members for comment.


Cycle Counters: 1st results are in for the 3 permanent sites.

Monitoring on a tow path would be considered if funding were available

In principle more monitoring is possible, subject to availability of funding

British Waterways do pedestrian counts on routes, but cyclist only data cannot be extrapolated

There are some possible queries on the data collection, Gerwyn Owen is checking figures



Training Report

School training now finished for 206/7 school year and 60% of year 6 children are trained to Level 1 / 2.

SSP - record funding of £102,000 received to deliver 'Bikeability' to year 7 secondary school children, starting with summer holiday courses in 20 schools across the city.

Slow year for adult cycle training, but there will be a big push from September onwards.

Cycle parking in schools – recently installed 60 spaces in Colton Hills and Northycote and both are well used.

Dr Bike programme in partnership with local libraries on Saturday mornings has had a very good response.



Marketing / Promotions Report

Map update - a reprint of 2000 of the current map has been ordered as an interim due to low stock. Sandeep Aheer to lead on an update in the near future. DH has offered assistance with this.


Action: SA to contact DH for help with map update



Wolves On Wheels / Sustrans Report


Wolves BUG has got off to a good start with 30+ members and Bike Week events were successful.

The narrow cycle lanes along Bushbury lane appear to have been extended.

There are plugged streets in the new housing development around Tudor Road.

WoW are keen to continue with the signed cycle network JF is working on.



NCN Route 81 - Coseley, there are currently no signs to take riders off the canal or advise to dismount for Coseley Tunnel. On the Northside there is potential for a safer route to school and the existing barrier is not effective against motorcycles.

Bilston - there are 6 barriers on the route across the sculpture park which is over kill. An email of complaint is to be forwarded my DW to JF.

Action: DW to pass complaint to JF



Any Other Business

Healthy Cities Bid - This is being led by the PCT and WCC Education Department. An expression of interest has been submitted with cycling forming part of it. (Note: bid was unsuccessful).

Black Country Joint Core Strategy - Common cycle standards are being worked on by RB in association with Sandwell.

Rights of Way improvement plan - RB has copies available if required.

Lights in Broad Street Tunnel - requested as part of the Interchange development.

Unblocking the Canal path at Bentley Bridge - The fence blocking the route to the rear of the houses has been erected illegally. JC to check if the fence has been removed next time she is on the route. It is not on British Waterways land.

Action: JC to check

Smestow Valley – Groundwork Black Country , WCC and BWB are working together to produce an information leaflet about Smestow Valley. Possibly promoting leisure cycling on the route. WoW would like to be included as part of this project.

Action: JH to contact WoW at appropriate time. 



Future Meetings

Friday 12/09/08 Infrastructure, 2 pm, Heantun House

Wednesday 22/10/08 Forum, 6.30 pm, Meeting Room 2, Civic Centre

Friday 12/12/08 Infrastructure, 2 pm, Heantun House

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