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Record of Meeting/Discussion

Meeting:- W’ton City Cycle Forum Infrastructure Sub Group Meeting

Date:- 6th December 07

Location:- Heantun House File Ref:- RTRSCFN120607

Present:- Chris Barker (CB), Marianne Page (MP), David Holman (DH), Dave Clare (DC), David Nicholls (DN), David Wilson (DW), Dereck Clark (DCk), Terry Weatherstone (TW), Julia brand (JB).

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Recorded by: M Page


Item Subject Action

Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

Victoria Street / Darlington Street – Still problems, senior technician is aware. Goodrich lights are not triggered by bikes


20mph Progress – 7 schemes from last year are now in operation and the Haden hill 20mph scheme is planned for 2008.


Wildside Ramp – Replacement of the ramp is not within the budget and would not be appropriate/ WCC have consulted regarding improving the surfacing and are awaiting quotations for the works. CB to update at the next infrastructure meeting.

Action CB


Cycle Route to Bantock Park – Cemetery path to be swept more regularly and the condition of the carriageway to be reviewed and potentially resurfaced. WCC to undertaken a numerical calculation regarding crossing numbers at Jeffcock road to justify implementation of a crossing facility. Enforcement cameras along Merridale Road should help to reduce speeds at this location. WCC reluctant to remove the splitter island that is currently in place.

Action CB

Cycling across Bantock Park – There are no Environmental Health or conservation reasons for no cycles on Bantock Park. CB and JF to approach Friends of Bantock Park to discuss options. JB and DW offered to attend the next meeting to explore the issues that Friends of Bantock Park may have with cycling. TW to advise meeting dates.

An example of cycling in parks is to be sourced from an alternative town or city, as a demonstration that it does work.Best Practice from CTC Benchmarking is in Reading. Cycling England has a list, Southampton and York suggested as possibilities.


Broad Lane Verges – Trimming the verges would improve road safety but destroy the hedge. Contractor maintenance is being addressed by the Environmental and Countryside Manager.

Road Closures – To be advertised 10/12/07, end of objection period 04/01/08 – construction this financial year. End of Leicester St – WoW members to write letters of support and all amendments to be added to the Cycle Map.

Chapel Ash (Haden Hill, Larches Lane…) Slight amendments to the consultation plans, cushions along Larches Lane instead of humps. The new plans will be sent out for further consultation shortly.

Cycle Storage – Civic Centre – under cover at the main doors

Fred Williams – Outside on the pavement

Wulfruna St – Additional to the existing

Library – Option to front selected.

University- Outside the library is a good location, CB to consult with University to discuss covered facilities.

Bus Station – Either side of Bus Lane outside Brittania Hotel

Leisure Lakes – exact location to be discussed with LL

Queen Sq – Outside Subway sandwich shop

Lich Gates – Important location for information centre.

Merryhill – CB to investigate options in email from RB.

Action CB

Design of Cycle Storage –

The design should be hard wearing and long lasting in an appropriate colour (dark grey or black), CB to look in to.

Action CB

Riding within Pedestrian Areas –

Being pursued by CB for outside of peak hours. Action CB


Bushbury Lane – Approval is in place for the extensions to the cycle facilities, consultation with residents will take place in the next few weeks.


Steelpark Way - Link to Noose lane (Walsall), Walsall are leading on the development with contribution from WCC. 5W’s Metro route will conflict, but not for a considerable length of time.

Showell Circus – Formalised parking outside of shops is proposed, along with cycle parking. Access in to Second Avenue to be protected.

Park Road – Speed reduction and pedestrian improvements proposed. Route 81 signing to remain in place and be amended if requires, loss of parking at junctions is being replaced within the verges and cycle parking to be provided.

Bus Lanes – Cyclists can use all Bus Lanes in Wolverhampton – investigations into signing will be undertaken. CB


Other Issues – Larger plans for Deans Road and Newhampton Road to be provided to DH.

CB to provide a printed copy of the Draft Right of Way for the City Centre to DCk.

There is no current deadline for the next cycle map update, probably be June 2008. There are issues with the folding and size of the existing map. CB

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