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Record of Meeting Meeting:- Cycle Forum Minutes

Date:- 14/11/07 Location:- Aldersley Leisure Village

File Ref:- RTRSCHCF141107

Present:- Councilor Cromie (Chair), R Bravery, P Rollings, D Holman, D Wilson, D Clare, M Page, J Harris, N Brown.

Apologies:- J Carpenter, L Massie, R Marris, J Brant, D Nicholson, J Fairchild.

Sheet 1 of 3 Recorded by: M Page

Distribution: Members of the Cycle Forum Jim Carpenter to be added to circulation list.

Item Subject Action

1 Minutes

Minutes Agreed as a true record.

2 Matters Arising

Interchange Development - Neptune will be submitting an application for the interchange within the next 4-6 months. Within this period they will return to consult with the Cycle Forum, and will arrange a specific meeting with WoW.

Cycle Maps – There are 3 boxes remaining, the map will be updated before any re-printing. The e-mail address to send any corrections to is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RB

3 Pell Frishman/ i54

Pell Frischman were unable to give the planned presentation on the development. Members of the Forum expressed their concern at the design of the Wobaston Road section of the scheme and at the lack of on-road provision such as advanced stop lines. RB

4 Black Country Urban Park

(Nigel Brown WCC) A joint effort to bid for lottery funding of up to £50million to transform the environment in many areas. Bid came out of Black Country Study work and the lottery bid will be match funded by existing or soon to be procured finance. Wolverhampton is concentrating on 5 canals within the City and there is a recurring theme of walking and cycling throughout the bid. Support is required from the public to vote for this scheme as part of a series of programmes to be shown on ITV.

What is the impact upon NCN 81? – Lighting of Broad Street Tunnel, minor impacts but nothing specific.

Do we have opposition for the bid? – Overwhelming support as the majority of the scheme has come out of feedback from users and potential users. Are there links into the Bradley Arm? –there are some improvements on the approach to Bilston Urban Village.

If the bid fails – Funding of £50 million is still in place for improvements. This is an ongoing vision and other opportunities will be available.

5 Infrastructure Group City Centre Cycle Parking (P Rollings) –

A tour of formal and informal cycle parking has been undertaken – the following locations included in Appendix 1 were agreed with the detail of new provision, such as siting and design, to be discussed at the next Infrastructure Group meeting. Parking at the Information Centre in Queen Square to be considered (see 8 on list). The quality of the stands should be considered to avoid them looking tatty in the future.

City Centre TROs - TROs in Dudley Street are being amended; this is an opportunity to have cycle restrictions changed. Allowing cycling 6pm to 9am is to be proposed by R Bravery. (NB since the meeting it has been established that cycling can be permitted outside restricted hours for vehicles but cyclists will legally be constrained by the one-way system due to the lack of provision for counter-flow lanes in the design implemented). It was suggested there should be a cycle exemption from the Right Turn Ban from Lichfield Street into Princess Street – RB also to investigate.

Wildside Ramp – Henry Harbord from Sustrans has contacted RB to try and resolve. There are three options (1) Change surface – expensive (2) Erect dismount ramps for cyclists – won’t solve problem of slippery surface but may reduce risk (3) Put anti-skid treatment on surface. WCC to arrange a further meeting with Sustrans & Wildside Centre to discuss.

Schemes discussed at Infrastructure Group – Please see Appendix 2 for update on these schemes.

Road Safety/ Infrastructure Group RB RB Road Safety/ Infrastructure Group

6 City Council Report Cycle Training (P Rollings) –

David Nicholson & David Holman from WoWcc are now cycle instructors for WCC.

The proposed Cycle Hire and Training Centre at Claregate Youth Club is at stage 2 of its application. It is hoped that a recycling scheme for cycles could be linked to it.

CTC Cycle Champions – Wolverhampton is 1 of 13 towns CTC is looking at to promote champions. A problem arose and CTC is now looking for WCC to partner them. PR and RB working on a package that it is hoped will allow WCC to host the scheme and would involve a CTC employee based at the City Council and promoting cycling among hard to reach groups. PR RB/ PR

7 Wolves on Wheels Report (D Holman) –

West Park – Proposals affect the Cross City Route and a signing scheme should be included as part of this.

Newhampton Road – WoW require a larger and more detailed plan in order to finalise any comments they may have. There is concern over splitter islands and narrowing, this will be raised at the next Infrastructure Group meeting.

Showell Circus- The plan does not appear to include cycle parking facilities.

All Cycle Forum proceedings are up to date on the WoW website. DH/ Cycle Infrastructure Gp

8 Suggested Dates of Future Meetings

Proposed dates for both the main Forum and the Infrastructure Group were agreed for the remainder of 2007 and 2008.

• Fri 7/12/07 Infrastructure

• Wed 20/02/08 Forum

• Fri 14/03/08 Infrastructure

• Wed 7/05/08 Forum

• Fri 20/06/08 Infrastructure

• Wed 23/07/08 Forum

• Fri 12/09/08 Infrastructure

• Wed 22/10/08 Forum

• Fri 12/12/08 Infrastructure

The Civic Centre at 6.30pm will be booked for the next two Cycle Forums and these arrangements are to be reviewed after the first meeting. The venue for future Infrastructure Group meetings is to be Heantun House at 2pm, subject to review.

9 Any Other Business

British Waterways – BW are involved in the Lottery Bid to deliver:

• a new footbridge at Lock 17 on the Birmingham Canal,

• Wednesfield towpath improvements on the Wyrley & Essington

• DDA compliant access from Ladymoor Road to the Bradley Arm

Other accesses are to be built:

• to the Staffs & Worcs canal at i54funded by AWM

• Deans Road bridge to Wyrley & E

• Back of Wednesfield High Street to park across W&E

BWB are also looking to improve access to Staffs & Worcs at Wightwick Bridge and Tettenhall Old Bridge at Newbridge through European Funding. What needs to be done to complete NCR 81? This issue is to be discussed at the next Infrastructure Group and agreement reached between BW/Sustrans/WCC.

John Partridge

A letter is to be sent to John Partridge, thanking him for his continued involvement with the Cycle Forum prior to his retirement. RB to draft and Cllr Cromie to sign.

Nigel Brown RB was also asked to write to Nigel thanking him for his presentation.

Publicity The launch of new cycle parking outside of the Civic Centre should be used as an opportunity to promote the work of the Cycle Forum.

WCC website needs updating.

Thank you to David Wilson for speaking on behalf of the Cycle Forum at the Transportation Strategy Forum which is taking place on Friday 16th November.

There are now cycle lockers available at the bus station.

Review of Cycle Forum Terms of Reference – to be considered at next meeting Infrastructure Group

Next Forum Meeting – Weds 20th February 2008 @ Civic Centre, 6.30pm Next Infrastructure Group Meeting Fri 7th December 2007, 2pm, Heantun House.

Appendix 1 – Proposed City Centre Cycle Parking locations


DUDLEY STREET: In-between street furniture & around trees. Picture 2 New 20 spaces

2 LIBRARY: By railings plenty of room cycle parking in place but always full consultation with library users supports need for increase. Add 20 spaces 3 CIVIC CENTRE: Close to main entrance covered area close to steps, Steve Callow has already started work on this site. New 20 spaces

4 MARKET SQUARE : School St end New 10 spaces

5 SAINSBURY’S: As with the library some parking available more needed. Pictures 4 / 5 Add 20 spaces

6 UNIVERSITY: Plaza in front of main entrance students are chaining bikes to railings. Picture 3 New 20 spaces

7 LICHGATE: By St. Peters Church close to banks. New 10 spaces

8 QUEENS SQUARE : Railed build out area in front of Subway Picture 1 New 2 x 6 spaces

9 BRITTANIA HOTEL : Space on pavement or further up towards Post- Office New 6 spaces

10 LEISURE LAKES / FRED WILLIAMS : In front of shops by railings New 2 x 6 spaces TOTAL 150

Appendix 2 – Update on Other Infrastructure Schemes

Finchfield Cycle Route Extension. A review of path Aspen Way- Merridale Road is to be undertaken by TNM Maintenance Section with a view to resurfacing in the New Year. Preferred route to Finchfield Road has been identified and an agreement regarding cycling in Bantock Park needs to be reached.

Opening Road Closures for Cyclists.

The following designs 1 to 5 have been complete, committee approval received and orders are to be advertised. 6 is to be incorporated in road closure to be implemented.

1. Joan Street

2. Great Hampton Street

3. Harrow Street 1

4. Harrow Street 2

5. Sweetman Street

6. Chester Street

Bushbury Lane Cycle Lane Phase 2. Designs are complete and committee approval obtained. Consultation with frontagers to begin soon. Bilston Street Island facilities. Preliminary designs underway allowing cycling beneath.

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