Aldersley, 6th Sep 2007

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Record of Meeting/Discussion



W’ton City Cycle Forum Infrastructure Sub Group Meeting


6th September 07



Aldersley Leisure Centre

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John Partridge (JP), John Fairchild (JF), David Holman (DH), David Nicholson (DN), David Wilson (DW), David Clare (DC), Marianne Page (MP)


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M Page

Distribution: Chris Barker (CB), Pete Rollings (PR), Bob Willis (BW), Caroline Holt (CH), Richard Astle (RA),








Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

Victoria St / Darlington St lights have been done.

Wednesfield Rd bus gate will be completed 14/09/07, opening it would be a good publicity opportunity.

Goodrich lights need cycling through – PR to complete

DH to be provided with a map of traffic lights to enable WoW to make recommendation on route for provision of ASL’s.

DN to speak with Helena Jeremy about parent questionnaires associated with School Travel Plans

Mike BlackshawÂ’s name spelt incorrectly.

Wooden ramp at Hordern Road – The bridge is not part of the highway network; this is an on going issue.

7 Streets converted to 20mph zones, the remainder all have further issues such as requirement of side road treatments. Completion is still Feb 2008.









Future Programme 2007/2008

JF will now be taking over cycle infrastructure issues, JF distributed draft future programme to be agreed by group:




1. Finchfield Cycle Route Extension.

Path behind cemetery needs improvement, concerns raised about crossing point at Finchfield Road and certain difficult junctions. The objective is a route through Bantock Park if possible, detailed design to be looked at.

Agreed / JF to progress



2. Opening Road Closures for Cyclists –

Including Great Hampton St, Harrow St / Gt Hampton St, Harrow St / Leicester St, Sweetman St and Joan St. End of Oak St also suggested, other submissions welcomed.

Agreed / JF to progress


  1.  Bushbury Lane Cycle Lane Phase 2 –

Extension of markings to Kempthorne Avenue. Markings need to be wider on street, existing markings are too narrow. New markings will be installed correctly, existing mistakes may not be rectified immediately but more likely when markings are worn.

Agreed / JF to Progress



4. Cycle Storage –

Civic Centre cycle parking outside main entrance and a channel in steps to wheel bike up are to be provided. Keen to integrate as much cycle parking as possible in Queen Square – they will as a minimum put in what was in place before. It was suggested that outside the Tourist Information centre would be a good place for cycle parking.

Agreed / JF to progress



5. Bilston St Island Cycle Facilities –

Further detailed design to be considered to tie in facilities leading to, and across, Bilston Island.

Agreed / JF to progress



6. New Hampton Road Toucan –

Crossing at Kingsland Road to be addressed.

Agreed / JF to progress



7. Park Road East and West (LSS) –

A scheme to be looked at including traffic calming, junction improvements, raised surface and change of priorities.

Agreed / JF to progress



ROUTE 81 – Pete Rollings to arrange to ride the route with DW and JF ASAP to address all issues.




Future Programme 2008/2009

  1.  Bushbury Lane to City Centre
  2.  Cycle Storage (on going)
  3.  Lichfield Road (Wednesfield) Link High School and Wednesfield Way
  4.  Cycle Route Signing – Long term strategy for commuter routes from South Staffs villages.
  5.  City Centre Facilities.

All Agreed / CB and JF to progress



Wolves on Wheels Proposals for Future

DH opened by suggesting that existing facilities be sorted out – JP assured that WCC would address maintenance issue.

DH distributed document listing WoW infrastructure observations – details attached

CB / JF to discuss with RA



Cycle Parking

WoW suggested a number of locations that require installation of or improvement to cycle parking (items 4-10):

New Cross Hospital

Wolverhampton Market

West Park

Bentley Bridge (Swimming Pool)




Dropped Kerbs

WoW provided a list of potential dropped kerb locations (items 11-16)





Could a Toucan crossing be provided next to the Waggon and Horses public house as part of s106 funding from Springfield Brewery Development?

Vine Island suggestion for cycling permitted on Zebra crossings; Proposal to alter Vine Island to signal controlled so this addresses the issue.

Goldthorn Hill / Elizabeth Avenue should be upgraded to a Toucan Crossing and the filling in of missing footing in the area to be dealt with.





Open the National Cycle Network Route 81 in Wolverhampton!

Various locations listed (items 21-37)




CB and JF will respond to the list submitted by WoW.




Next Meeting – Date and time 7 Dec 2007.




What WoW members suggested is as follows:-

Before making any new infrastructure – repair and look after the existing good infrastructure :-

1. Cross-city route signage is all over the place and the patience of the campaign is being tried severely in advising the council on which corrections to make. No progress in two years. Ranger group is available to accompany WCC staff and sort this mess out – easy!

2. Broad Street crossing cycle lane markings are worn out.

3. Worcester Street shared use and cyclists right turn markings are worn out [on the minutes of cycle forum meetings for over two years].

Cycle Parking locations.

See list in the document library. At the meeting the following were suggested :-

4. Dudley Street has very little cycle parking now with large casual use of planter railings. Sheffield stands are handy against ram-raiders when placed in front of shops. Strong support from all present.

5. On the terracing on Queen Square in front of Nationwide BS. Pam

6. Replacement programme for Wolverhampton libraries wheel clincher cycle parking which is unusable - especially after loading panniers with a few heavy books. Alastair. Encourage chief librarian to get going with their Green Travel plan. DfT grants available?. Awful cycle parking at e.g. Oxley and Bantock Park branches.

7. Cycle Parking for the public at New Cross Hospital is scarce. Sarah and Phil S

8. Wolverhampton markets needs more cycle parking to generate more non-car shopping trips. Also in time for 12 September stage finish. Cycle- shopping promotion for WCC ? Alastair H is an expert.

9. West park cafe . Change those Byelaws!! Alastair.

10. More cycle parking at Waterworld due to popularity!

Dropped Kerbs – Simplest new infrastructure

11. Oak Street at the Owen Road end DH

12. Pavement in front of low level station colonnade where a dropped kerb exists on the Union Street side already. DH

13. Westfield Road end of the track from Laburnum Drive [ W’ton to Bilston route avoiding tramway] DH

14. All Saints Road / Steelhouse Lane at the road plug. Sarah S. Cycle Map correction no plug with through-cycling shown

15. Church Road, Oxley by Lymer Road entrance plus a permitted route across the pavement to the lorry lay-by on the other side of the air pollution sampling station. Encourage Elston Hall Road to Stafford Road cycling.

16. Old Hall Street – dropped kerb at Garrick Street end still has a 25 mm upstand after five years. Very dangerous for left turning cycles.


17. Toucan Crossing at Cannock Road railway bridge beside pub and Springfield Brewery. Planning Gain? Promote a link from Fowler’s park to Low level station.

18. Tiger crossing upgrade at Vine island, Fordhouses as part of Cycling England sponsored trial.

19. Upgrade pelican crossing to a Toucan on Goldthorn Hill by Elizabeth Avenue. Routes


20. The BIG ONE. Develop a programme and implementation plan leading to the formal opening of NCN81 in Wolverhampton with WoWcc, Henry Harbord - the new Sustrans regional Manager , and John Harris of BW. WCC part is to include signed links to the canal route, upgrades to the Cross-City route [or we’ll demand the safety audit for Evans Street / Bargate Drive under the Freedom of Information act] and upgrade of parallel route in FowlerÂ’s Park which avoids 2 canal bridgeholes.

21. Plan a local signed route network per the scrutiny panel into cycling’s recommendations and following on from sorting out the plan for the National Cycle Route in the previous point.

22. Cycling to/from W’ton railway station from All Saints – Phil S

23. Wolverhampton to Bilston signed route. Lower Walsall Street, Hickman Street [ East Park] Stowheath Lane, Laburnum Road Green Park Avenue towards Mountford Road. Route avoids A41 with its tramway.

24. East Park to Graiseley via Cable Street and Caledonia Road.

25. Elizabeth Avenue and Sutherland Road to Westminster Avenue. Conversion of footway to cycle way given twenty years steady use. AH. See Documents Archive. This then becomes City Centre to Penn route by extending the signed Goldthorn Hill cycle route.

26. Waterworld to Wyrley and Essington Canal towpath. Cycleway on pavement goes down to a gloriously-designed dead-end on the opposite side of the canal from the towpath.

27. Lower Walsall Street to Priestfield trackbed. Complete makeover. Phil S.

28. Shared Use cycle way on ring road St David’s from Lock Street (Carvers) to Bath Road (Cross-City route). Handy for km’s of cycle lanes added measure of performance!

29. Penn island to Merridale Street / Church Street – Alastair

30. Bilston to Tipton. Connect to Cycling in Sandwell on Weddall Wynd.

Others – plugs, signs, removal from prohibitions etc

31. George Street. Plug road to traffic except cycles at the Ettingshall Road end by the Metro bridge. Stephen S

32. Right turn ban Lichfield Street to Princess St. Change to Except Cycles.

33. Bradmore Road northbound. Road narrows sign is needed

34. All Saints Road. Sign needed in Gower Street to warn motorists of cyclists riding from All Saints Road through the plug to Steelhouse Lane. Sarah S.

35. Restore 2 way cycle traffic to Church Street, Bilston.

36. Lift ban on cycling in Parks. Everyone does ride in them already and there are no collisions reported. Get parks department to cycle round their parks instead of drive a diesel van! A Brox quadricycle can move a lot a gear or bags or rubbish. See CTC Benchmark for cycling in Parks which goes to Reading Council.

37. Wednesfield Road Bus Gate Cyclists Push Button - agreed but not completed

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