Cycle Forum Meeting

11 / 01 / 07 at 6:30pm

1. Previous Minutes

2. Primary Care Trust

Dr Louise Massey Consultant in Public Health

3. Cycle Map Update

4. News Desk

Cycle Storage

Cycle Training

Bike – 2 – Work

Cycle Helmet Campaign

5. Publicity for Cycle Forum

6. Forum dates for 2007 and date for Infrastructure Meeting

7. A.O.B.



Matters Arising :-

DH noted we had missed our November Forum out altogether. He had received photographs from John Harris that he used in his presentation. These will be placed in the city cycle forum proceedings – see later.

Victoria Street traffic lights don’t detect cyclists at the junction with Darlington Street. Action Peter Rollings to see Bob Willis.

Minutes omit request from Rob Marris MP made on his behalf by DH that the signing and marking of the Cross City Route in Whitmore Reans is completed. Problem area is Leicester Square and Whitmore Reans library His constituents tell him off for riding on the footway when he is actually on the cross-city route. Also this tells WCC how much of a secret the cross-city route is.

JP said meetings on West and Bantock Parks were imminent. Action discuss at Infrastructure Sub Group.

Civic Centre lockers – Peter your call. They were excellent save for grumpy parking attendants.

All AOB items for action by JCP were incomplete.

Minutes were finally sent out a week before the Forum. Pity because CH had prepared them promptly after the last forum.

Dr Massey had been taken unwell and had sent her apologies. JCP will ask her to speak at the next Forum.

Wolverhampton Cycle Map.

Jenni issued a checklist of activities to show progress on the new map. See Documant Archive Cycle forum projects. Many officers and cycling instructors have been involved to ensure on time delivery in full. Grading is complete and she thanked WoWcc members for auditing the grading map and assured the forum that the recommendations for changes to the grading spec and to the map had been made. The map grading spec was circulated See Documant Archive Cycle forum projects. Roads are graded in white, yellow blue and red. Pindar designers have been consulted and are working up the map as information becomes available. Jenni showed a draft print of the map so far. It does go beyond the WÂ’ton metropolitan boundary. She explained in response to a question from Mike that we cannot have all the names of streets on it only a % because the licence is based on an Ordnance Survey licence. Full listing of Streets requires the very expensive A-Z geographers mapping licence. The web-based GIS mapping is also progressing as Pindar are supplying the data for this in the correct format.

DH asked if the plugged streets, alleys, snickets and other legitimate shortcuts were going to be shown. Jenni was unsure but would ask Chris Barker. These are vital to make up the cyclists’ network in order to connect together blocks of quieter streets.

DH reported that he’d been entering data into the Cambridge Cycle Campaign Journey planner and Photomap for Wolverhampton and district. This uses Google Earth. The idea is to give a service to PC users that compliments the WCC online cycle map. 1300 lines entered to date and 100 photographs of locations were in place. Try to see a quiet route between Wolverhampton and Codsall stations .

Cycle Training and schools cycling news

Full report Peter on this very positive area

Smestow College 40 bike places

50% funding Sustrans at Wednesfield. Extra 40. 20 at…. 250 places so far. Extensive programme for next year.

DH asked about the new Rakegate school currently under construction in Oxley. PR said parking and training were included there due to school doing green travel plan with match funding from WCC. Mr Philpot said that this will be increasingly common as much of the schools in the boroÂ’ need replacing in the next twenty years

Trainee numbers for 2006

Primary 1888

Secondary 58

Adults 112

Quality not quantity

WCC cycle training is going for its benchmark. Aim to deliver the branded Bikeability training later. £27000 funding now available for level 2 in secondary schools Well done PR for securing money,

DH asked if there was news of a Bike It officer in Wolverhampton. One was offered by Sustrans to WCC but only half funded. Bike it officers deliver school classroom lessons on Cycling and can act as instructors but often do not do any instruction due to time constraints. Very short notice and offer not well conducted. Officers thought this was poor value for resources and money so declined.

There followed an informed discussion on the future of cycle training. Huge funds are presently available to deliver cycle training to school pupils for the next few years. It would be very easy to do a Stockport and have hundreds of empty cycle parking stands. WCC favours sustainable long term and careful growth in its cycle instruction programme.

PR announced that two winners from the BeHit art competition came from W’ton boro’.

Bike 2 Work news. Cycle Scheme looking v likely. Assisted purchase for WCC + LEA employees . April Launch. (Send me the details I wish to get Goodrich interested Pete)

6 Publicity for Cycle Forum

WoWcc members dismayed that Forum has been under-publicised. The meeting agreed to let the Campaign host the proceedings and objectives of the forum :-

JCP informed the meeting that the Forum finally had its own web page :-

(Formerly at

DH asked for it to have a link to the Forum proceedings.

Similarly there is now a cycle training web page :- (Formerly at

Posters are needed to go out to libraries, cycle trade, information and leisure centres and surgeries. Forum attendees without email do not receive minutes and agendas.

Is it time to revisit the future Wolverhampton cycle forum report ?

Do we need a comparable organisation to Cycling in Sandwell? SBC keeps 500 plus people informed of its cycling news through CiS.

Important :- Future Dates .

Weds 7 Feb Infrastructure Sub group of WÂ’ton city cycle Forum. Bingley Centre Pennfields. AGENDA ASAP


18 April

4 July

14 Nov

AOB deferred as meeting ran out of time.

Wednesday 13th June, 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM
WoW Social June 2018 - Lych Gate
Tuesday 17th July, 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM
Wolverhampton Cycle Forum July 2018
Friday 1st June, 17:00 PM
Cycling + Walking Investment Strategy safety review
Friday 1st June, 17:00 PM
Cycling + Walking Investment Strategy safety review
Wednesday 6th June, 10:00 AM - 16:30 PM
Wheels for All Inclusive Cycling Tryout - Aldersley
Wednesday 13th June, 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM
WoW Social June 2018 - Lych Gate
Thursday 21st June - All Day
Clean Air Day 2018
Tuesday 17th July, 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM
Wolverhampton Cycle Forum July 2018
Wednesday 15th August - All Day
Cycle to Work Day
Thursday 18th October, 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM
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