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21 / 09/ 06


Bingley Centre, Pennfields

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John Harris – British Waterways (JH) – guest speaker, Claire Banton – British Waterways (CB), Jenni Crayford – WCC (JC) Part, John Partridge – WCC (JCP), Councillor J Cromie – WCC (CJC), Chair, Ian Fardoe – WOW (IF), David Wilson – WOW (DW), David Holman – WOW (DH), Sam Henry – MAP (SH), Marcus Asbury – WCC (MA), Richard Welsh – WCC (RCC), Mike Blackshaw – WCC (MB), David Nicholson – WOW (DN), Peter Rollings – WCC (PR) Part.

Apologies: Julia Brant – WOW, Alastair Hopkins (WOW), Chris Barker (WCC), Rob Harris MP – WOW



 Recorded by: J Partridge


1 Minutes of 11 May 06 - Agreed.

2 Matters Arising

 JP has discussed use of cycles in West Park and Bantock Park with John Pugh (Leisure).  JP to pursue

- IF has not submitted a report on Maintenance issues to Gwyn James.

- Action emanating from Scrutiny Review will be submitted to Cabinet . Action IF and JCP.

3  Presentation by John Harris – British Waterways

 John gave a presentation on recent schemes British Waterways have been involved with which have benefited cyclists, and be circulated before and after photographs of the Wednesfield Safer Routes to School Scheme.  He then mentioned future projects.  David Wilson asked for an assurance that the Wednesfield Safer Routes to School Scheme would be properly maintained in the future.  John replied that in practice British Waterways had no statutory responsibility for the maintenance of tow paths.

John was thanked for his interesting presentation.



4 Cycle Map

JC gave a brief outline of the meeting regarding the production of a new cycle map which had been held earlier.  IH queried the size of the map.  JC replied that it would need to be a ‘user friendly’ size and that the quality of the paper was also important.



5 Accredited Training Centre

PR reported that WCC has gained CTC accreditation as a Training Centre for Instructors.  The first course will have about 10 people on it.  Cycle Maintenance is also up and running.

6 Cycle Storage

 PR distributed maps showing cycle storage that had been provided in schools.  He also mentioned new cycle storage at the bus station, and that the need for cycle storage is being included in new planning approvals, where appropriate.  PR was asked why the lockers in the Civic Centre are not working.  PR said that he would investigate.

 Action PR

7 Infrastructure

DW reported that he would be submitting a new report on Route 81 signing requirements.

JP reported on progress regarding the City Centre to Finchfield / Castlecroft Route.

Reported that markings at rear of Avion Centre are poor.  JP to resolve. Action JCP

JP reported that meeting of infrastructure group was required.  Meeting to be arranged within four weeks. Action JCP


8 A.O.B.

CJC - Tour of Britain very successful.  Hoped to get a finish next time instead of a start.

DW – Right turn from Victoria Street in Queen Square not triggered by cycles.  To be investigated.



IF – new Wednesfield Road by gate does not work for cyclists.  To be investigated. Action JCP

MB – Are there any further plans to introduce advanced stop lines for cyclists.  JCP said that this was being investigated. Suggested locations Bilston Street / Market Street and Darlington Street at Chapel Ash. Action  JCP


JCP – Who should we invite as speaker next time.  Suggested someone with Health responsibilities.  Adrian Phillips (Director of Public Health) to be approached.  Representatives from Rail and Bus Companies also mentioned.

IF – Serious safety problems with safety of route during last Wolverhampton marathon.  JCP to respond. Action  JCP

DN – What cycle parking is going to be provided in revised City Centre pedestrianisation scheme ?  JCP to respond.

 Action JCP

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