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Cycle Map and Infrastructure Meeting


6th July 2006


Aldersley Leisure Village

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John Partridge, Chris Barker, Jenni Crayford, David Holman


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Recorded by: John Partridge

Distribution: Cycle Forum Members

 1 Cycle Map

Draft strategy agreed by all.  (copy attached).  JC to progress work to undertake draft grading of routes in Castlecroft / Finchfield area. Action JC / Wolves on Wheels members to conduct Cheltenham standard survey on area

2 Infrastructure

Overall discussion on infrastructure issues, including information that Parks and Contracts will be permitting Cycling in Bantock Park and West Park.  DH mentioned the need for relining Worcester Street.

JCP to action
Wolverhampton Cycle Map Meeting 6 July 2006




The existing Wolverhampton map is now out of print and does not reflect a number of new cycle routes recently developed in Wolverhampton, therefore it was proposed that the Wolverhampton Cycle Map has updated and made available on the internet and as a paper map.


A number of cycle maps have been accessed and it was disagreed that the Cheltenham map format should be followed as far as possible.


Review of Cycle Maps


The following maps have been reviewed to provide the proposed Cycle map content:


  •         Coventry
  •         Birmingham
  •         Cheltenham
  •         Wolverhampton
  •         Dudley
  •         Telford
  •         Staffordshire



Proposed Cycle Map Content


Key / items for map

 Insert table here


Timetable for New cycle Map


6 July 2006                 Initial meeting to agree map content and format

September                  JC to report back to group with first progress report including draft back page content and gradings

November                   JC to report back to group with draft map including any revisions and agree final content and routes

January 07                  JC to report back to group with final map

March 07                    Final Map to go to printers

April 07                       Map officially launched and distributed / live on web                 


Outcomes to be agreed:

 Insert table here

* 2 proposals have been proposed for the grading of routes.  WCC recommend that 3 simple grades are used based on traffic volume and combining the Cheltenham grades and Wolves on Wheels recommend following a 5 grade system (see Cheltenham).  It was agreed to test the different grading methodologies on a small scale and assess which grading would work best for Wolverhampton.

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