Minutes of  Forum 11 May 2006


Record of Meeting/Discussion Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum


11th May 06    Wildside Activity Centre, Hordern Road


Present : - Councillor Cromie (Cllr C), (Chair)John Pugh (JPu), Dave Clare (DC), Dave Wilson (DW), Julia Brant, (JB)Ian Fardoe (IF), Richard Welch (RW), Jenni Crayford (JC), Pete Rollings (PR), Chris Barker (CB), John Partridge (JPa), Phil Turner (PT), A Summerfield (AS), David Holman (DH).

 Apologies for Neil Priest (NP)


Recorded by: C Holt

Distribution :- Councillor Cromie / JPu / DC / DW / IF / RW / JC /  / PR / CB / JPa / JB/PT/AS/DH/Lydia Barnstable/Caroline Holt/Gwyn James/File


  1.       Minutes – from 23 February – agreed
  2.       Matters Arising - Cycle Route – JP thanked DW for his comment on signing of the Cross-City Route etc.
  3.       John Pugh – Head of Parks and Contracts – Guest Speaker

John was questioned on cycling issued related to Parks and open spaces.

West Park

JPu was asked why cyclists were not permitted to use West Park.  JPu stated that West Park’s perimeter path is popular with walkers / joggers etc.  Limited benefits with park being locked up during the evenings and events held in the park. Recommends cycle route outside.    IF informed meeting that the park was originally a Victorian Leisure Park – thinks cycling should be allowed.   IF informed meeting that Stroke Support Group use the park at the moment without permission.  Suggested restricting cycle usage when big events held.  PR would like to use the park for training.  Cllr C informed meeting that there are few places for children to ride in safety.  DW stated that cycling around the Park along Park Road East/West is dangerous for cyclists.  JPu to investigate further.  JPa suggested investigating other Authorities policies on cycling through the Park. Action :- JPa and JPu to discuss further

Bantock Park

JPa would like a route through Bantock Park. JPu doesn’t see any objections with this. JPa will write to JPu formally to pursue issue.  Action :- JPa

Other Issues


Smestow Valley and Valley Park – JPu - no problems with allowing cycling, but surface needs improving.

JPu said there would be no exclusivity for wildlife interest groups in respect to the use of sanctuaries and nature reserves.

IF touched on wheelchair access through Valley Park.  There is potential for future outside funding from TWM.

JPu mentioned People’s Millions Funding which could be used to link canal networks up with other Authorities.

DC mentioned the vegetation on and by the highway – JPu deals with all trimming back and will deal with this issue.

  1.       Infrastructure

JPa informed that there was an admin problem with the infrastructure minutes from the meeting on 23 March.  He suggested that it should be minuted that the programme circulated at that meeting should be agreed as the short term programme.

JPa suggested a further meeting of the infrastructure sub group in approximately 8 weeks time.  It was agreed that as much of the programme as possible should be delivered during the current financial year.

DH – Heart and Lung centre – Cycle Parking required. Action LB

IF – Cycle route along Canal from Birmingham, by steelworks junction – Route signing is confusing.

DW – has made comments on Bilston Urban Village but further information required from Simon Lucas. Action JPa

  1.       Bike Week – Jenni Crayford

Bike Week running 17-25 June.  City Council staff are being offered 50 free places for Adult Cycling Training  – as part of the Council Travel Plan to be launched during Bike Week.

Free Bike MOT’s at Fred Williams, Leisure Lakes and Hateley Cycles receiving support and publicity from WCC.

PR – Leisure rides will be arranged to take place along Smestow Valley.  The launch takes place at Wednesfield. Action PR

IF – Aldersley Stadium – inclusive family cycling day. Saturday 17th June 06 – over 500 + expected. Focuses on children with special needs.  There will be a ‘Go ride session’ and a  cycle skills course. Cycle  manufacturers for special needs cycling are coming along. Pete Bird – doing tandem sessions. Publicity for the event through local special needs schools. Asda to sponsor food.

JC offered promotion help.

JB asked JC to add women’s cycling event to Travelwise website. Action JC

JPa – Launch Wednesfield Cycle Route during Bike Week.

IF asked if it was worth speaking to Wolf FM.  JC confirmed it would be. Action JC

Other events include:- 18 June Picnic Ride to Chillington Park, starting at Aldersley.  23 June – City to Enville, evening ride.

JC – Outside events need to meet certain criteria for Health and Safety if council support is required.  This is to protect the organisers – Guidance document is attached.


  1.       Cycle Map Sub Group – Jenni Crayford

JC informed group she would be leading on updating Wolverhampton cycle map.  Asked Members if they would be interested in working as a Sub-group on the map.  JB recommended we include mobile/hand held usage. Action JC to investigate

Sub group Thursday 29th June 5:30-6:30.

(Note This has subsequently had to be changed.  New date is 6 July 5.30-6.30 at Aldersley Stadium.  Please contact Caroline Holt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this presents a problem.)

JB  to supply York cycle route map to JC.

PR thanked JC for her support for cycling initiatives through Travelwise.

  1.       School Cycle Training Up and Running – Pete Rollings

Holiday courses at Aldersley and Wednesfield.

There were four leisure rides the last half term.

Adult Cycle Training – some interest shown. Cllr C – enjoyed her course.

CTC agreed Wolverhampton would be accredited centre for training.  1st course (4 days) in September. Community Safety Officers want to do it. Qualification – become an accredited instructor.

There is a cycle maintenance trainer now at Aldersley (Aylesbury Training Group).  Up and running soon. 

How can we get cyclists training after October? – Indoor training to be investigated. Action PR.

JW asked if there is a charge for instructor training. £350 bursary from CTC.  The balance by Authority provided trainer will deliver training in the community.

  1.       Transport Forum

JPa informed the meeting that the inaugural meeting of the Transportation Strategy Forum had been held on 22 March. The next meeting is in November.

Sub groups are to feedback – non officers preferably.  The Cycle Forum is a Sub-Group and JPa suggested DH may wish to feedback following his successful presentation to the Cycling Scrutiny Enquiry.  He suggested a meeting of this group shortly before November to agree  contributions to the presentation. Action JCP/DH

  1.       Sub Groups

Infrastructure group and Review of Scrutiny Enquiry will be arranged for July.  (Note Subsequently suggested that Infrastructure meeting following cycle map meeting on 6 July – Again contact Caroline Holt if this is a problem). Action JPa


  1.   Any Other Business

DC – Cycle Surface on Tettenhall Road is now a patchwork of strips. Action :- G James

JB – Broad Lane / Bantock Park – very poor  road surface is dangerous. Action :- G James.

IF – report has been submitted to Gwyn James regarding road surface problems.  JPa would like a copy of the list. Action IF

DH – possibility of having a report card on road safety as part of the web.  To be investigated. Action :- NP

DW – suggested John Harris of British Waterways as a possible future speaker.  JPa to invite him.  Action JPa

DH – markings for cycle route at bottom of Worcester St and outside university on the Penn Road need replacing. Action NP

The 5 ways island bus gate – IF informed that there is standing water on the road surface.  The cycle facility in the bus gate is working well. Action NP

JPa has downloaded the Lancashire Cycle Design Guidelines. Copies of latest LTP document distributed to interested Forum Members.

DH – There is a Wolves on Wheels social night on Friday at Codsall.

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