Minutes of Forum 23 February 2006


Date issued: 5 May 2006


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum                           DATE:             23 February 2006                   PLACE OF MEETING:      Aldersley Stadium                   TIME:              6.30pm



PRESENT                                                                  REPRESENTING

Councillor Milkinder Jaspal MJ                       (Part)   Portfolio Holder for Transportation

Councillor Jennifer Cromie JC                                   Park Ward

Councillor Richard Whitehouse RW                           Spring Vale                             

John Partridge JP                                                       WCC

Nick Kitchen    NK                                                       WCC

Peter Rollings PR                                                       WCC

Andy Priest      AP                                                       Elizabethan C.C.

Tony Summerfield TS                                                  Elizabethan C.C.                                

David Wilson DW                                                        Sustrans Ranger Group/WoWCC

David Holman DH                                                       Wolves-on-Wheels CC + R2R

Phil Turner      PT                                                       Cycle Instructor

Pam McEntee PMc                                                    Wolves-on-Wheels CC                                             


Jocelyn Rix                                                                 Wolves-on-Wheels CC

Richard Welch                                                            Leisure Services


  1.       Introductions
  •          In the absence of Cllr Jaspal at the start of the meeting, John Partridge chaired the meeting.


  1.       Minutes of the Last Meeting


  •          Two typo errors of WoWCC Members names were noted. The Minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.


  •          Matters Arising. WoWCC Members had met with David Orton to discuss cycle issues surrounding the Interchange project .A sub-group meeting was still needed to discuss major development issues in the City. The Forum agreed 23 March as a suitable date NK to organize meeting and send out invitations. DW asked for a response to Cross City Cycle Route advice from WoWCC.JP agreed a response to   be sent out ASAP. DW was also awaiting CD-ROM from Simon Lucas in Planning, NK to chase.


  1.       Scrutiny Review


  •          RW as chair of the Cycle Scrutiny Review attended to update forum members on the report details, which is currently in draft form. He thanked all contributors for their efforts particularly DH for his excellent presentation and this had enabled the Scrutiny Review to make extensive recommendations. The recommendations were a combination of ‘quick wins’, and or medium and long term objectives.




  •          JP suggested that there needed to be a review of the recommendations in 3 to 6 months. RWsupported this idea as a useful monitoring exercise.


  •          DH asked if his comments regarding the creation of extensive 20mph Zones had received support from Scrutiny in the closed session. RW indicated the Council’s commitment to creating 20mph Zones in all of the City’s traffic calmed areas and this would be progressed during the next financial year. DW also asked if pressure could be brought on organizations like British Waterways to complete sections of the National Cycle Network. NK explained that BW had been very keen to be involved with this type of scheme but funding was always likely to be a major stumbling block.     


  •          DH commented on the recommendations about cycle use on the new metro vehicles and could they be taken forward ASAP as the contracts are likely to be decided soon.        RW outlined the process for the report becoming an official document with a report being taken to Cabinet on the 15th March.


  1.       Highway Code Revision


  •          DH questioned the appropriateness of some of the proposed alterations/guidance on cycle helmet use and requirements on cyclists to use cycle facilities if they are available.  JP explained WCC would normally respond to these revisions via the Local Authorities Road Safety Officers Association (LARSOA) but if WoWCC felt strongly about any of these issues they should reply separately.


  1.       Cross City Cycle Route


  •          DW mentioned an outstanding item from the Forum is a response to survey of the route. JP acknowledged  the lack of response and assured the WoWCC of a response within ten days. DWemphasized the need for a link from the canal towpath at Broad Street to the Cornhill area as discussed at the recent meeting with Dave Orton on the Interchange          project. There was a general discussion about the route with TS commenting on the lack of surfacing on Valley Park as a major draw back in encouraging cycle use. NK explained the previous discussions about surfacing with Leisure Services and their advisory group and the difficulty in convincing Leisure to open up the greenway to more cycle use. It was suggested that a representative from Leisure (Parks and Contracts) be invited to the next forum to discuss the issues.


  1.       Cycle Training


  •          PR gave a brief summary of progress on the cycle training scheme. 65 schools  are currently signed up for training. Cycle Parking had been installed at Moseley Park School with pupils already using the facilities. Other schools had shown an interest and a programme of works would be rolled out over the next couple of years. RW commented on the size of Warstones Primary School and the current lack of facilities at the site and could this school be added to the list. PR described the success of the adult cycle training scheme. Numbers were slow during the winter months but this would pick up from March onwards. DH suggested the scheme could be promoted to parents during the school holidays. PR outlined the new cycle maintenance trailer site at Aldersley to be jointly run by ATG and Leisure Services. The site would provide training to NVQ level in cycle maintenance and will be attractive to the cycle industry in general. 


  1.       A.O.B


  •          DH asked MJ about the LTP settlement and the funding for the next financial year. MJ outlined the settlement with approximately £600,000 allocated for Local Safety Schemes and £250,000 for Minor Works, Cycling and Safer Routes to School. DH suggested the LTP process had become confusing to the public and was difficult to influence and needed simplifying. MJ responded by saying that   the new Transport Forum would be an ideal opportunity for the public to become involved in the LTP process at an early stage. The date for the first meeting would be 22 March 2006 and invites would be sent out to organizations shortly.


  •          Next Infrastructure sub-group – 23 March 2006 Aldersley Stadium. Opportunity to feed back from Transport Forum and discuss details of National Bike Week in June and Cycle programme for 2006/07.DH also requested additional signing in the Molineux subway as an outstanding issue.  


  •          Date of next meeting – 11 May 6.30pm Aldersley Stadium.
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