Minutes of Forum 17 November 2005

Date issued:14 February 2006


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum                           DATE:             17 November 2005                PLACE OF MEETING:      Bingley Centre, Pennfields     TIME:              6.45pm



PRESENT                                                                  REPRESENTING

Rob Marris                                                                  M.P Wolverhampton Southwest/WoWCC

Councillor Jennifer Cromie JC                                   Park Ward                  

John Partridge JP                                                       WCC

Lydia Barnstable LB                                                   WCC

Nick Kitchen    NK                                                       WCC

Peter Rollings PR                                                       WCC

Richard Welch            RW                                                     WCC

Claire Mantle   CM                                          (part)   WCC

Andy Priest      AP                                                       Elizabethan C.C.                                

David Nicholson DN                                                   Wolves-on-Wheels CC         

David Wilson DW                                                        Sustrans Ranger Group/WoWCC

David Holman DH                                                       Wolves-on-Wheels CC + R2R

Ian Fardoe       IF                                                         Wildside Activity Centre/WoWCC

Andy Flemine  AF                                                        Bikesmart

Phil Turner      PT                                                       Cycle Instructor

Lisa Brant        LBr                                                      Chair, Wolves-on-Wheels CC

Pam McEntree PMc                                                   Wolves-on-Wheels CC                                             


Jocelyn Rix                                                                 Wolves-on-Wheels CC


  1.       Introductions – in the absence of Cllr Jaspal, John Partridge chaired the meeting.
  2.       Scrutiny Review – Cycle Provision

            JP suggested an amendment to the Agenda to allow the issue of Scrutiny inquiry to be dealt with first prior to the agreement of the minutes of the last meeting. CM outlined the process involved in the inquiry. Scrutiny considers areas of poor performance or concern raised by the public and seeks to add value by making recommendations that should result in improvements to that service. A leaflet was also distributed explaining the scope of the inquiry along with contact details for Democratic Support. A Scrutiny  Group is due to consider cycle provision at a meeting on the 9th December 10.00am –       2.00pm. DH asked if members of the public could make representation to the group.  CM indicated that provided they had given notice in advance they would be able to make    a written representation. WoWCC indicated that they would like to contribute to the inquiry but that a week day was not always convenient for some members to attend. CM acknowledged that this maybe something that needed to be addressed in the future.

  1.       Minutes of the Last Meeting

            The Minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting. Outstanding issues. A sub-group meeting needed to be organized to discuss major development issues in the City. NK will agree a date in early December with Simon Lucas (Planning) on Bilston Urban Village. Members of the Forum who were interested could comment on the outline planning application.



            LB also indicated this could be an opportunity to discuss the Retail Core Expansion and i54 proposals –NK to progress date for meeting and chase CD- ROM for     DW. The issue of widening attendance had been discussed by officers and it was agreed that a flyer should be produced for distribution in cycle shops and an advert would be placed in One City News to encourage attendance at future meetings  – NK/PR to progress with Publicity as part of work on new Cycle Map. NK to include invitation on Cycle Map to join a register of cycle users. Comments from WoWCC on the Metro 5w’s route had been passed to consultants working for Centro and they were now working up the next phase of the design. Work on the new Cycle Map has been agreed with Publicity for early December. IF asked if previous comments by the Forum to include a cycle hierarchy on the road network similar to Cheltenham’s could be incorporated in the map. NK indicated that it could but it would only include several categories and not the five or six of Cheltenham’s.

  1.       Interchange Proposals.

            Plans of the Interchange proposals were displayed at the meetingThe plans had been exhibited to the public over the last couple of weeks for general comments. WoWcc previous comments on the scheme have been passed forward as part of the consultation process. It was suggested that further discussion on the proposals could be made at the next infrastructure meeting in early December or WoWCC to be invited to meeting with David Orton. LB responded to questions about the   level of funding for the project by confirming the interchange scheme could proceed but the proposals for the new Rail station constituted a vision of the future and would be subject to a large amount of additional funding being secured. RM asked if all avenues for funding had been explored as in his experience this had not been the case. LB confirmed that all funding streams were being explored.

  1.       Cycle training/Safe Routes to School Update

            NK/PR briefed the Forum on the grant awarded to WCC by Sustrans as part of their links to Schools project. £50,000 has been awarded for a route centered on Wednesfield High School and involving Towpath works by British Waterways. The scheme needs to be completed by end of financial year 2005/06 and the total cost is approximately £180,000. The scheme will build on a already good relationship with the High School where new cycle parking has been installed and cycle training and travel    plans are progressing with the support of the Head-teacher. PR  detailed WCC plans to create a CTC approved regional cycle training centre at Aldersely Leisure Village. The Forum will be kept informed of progress. 

  1.       Dates of the Next Meetings

            JP acknowledged the lack of future dates for meetings and suggested the Forum set dates for the next 12 months. These we agreed as follows;

  •          1st Quarter 2006 – February 23
  •          2ndQuarter 2006 – May 11
  •          3rd Quarter 2006 – September 7
  •          4th Quarter 2006 – November 23
  1.       A.O.B


  • Cycle Lockers - IF asked about the cycle lockers in the Civic Centre. 3 lockers were currently out of order due to broken locks. NK had been contacted by Car Park staff and he will order new locks ASAP


  • Cross City Route - WoWCC have submitted a report on issues that needed addressing JCP/NK to respond to the report by letter. WoWCC to be asked to ride the route with NK prior to opening in March 2006.
  • Worcester Street – RM asked if the contra flow lane on the footway could be renewed as the lines were fading badly. IF repeated request for additional signs in Molineux Subway. NK to action
  • Broad Lanes/Bantock Park – LBr complained about the road surface on Broad Lanes and asked if this could be referred to maintenance. NK to action
  • Queen Square/Queen Street Pedestrianisation – Scheme to be progressed in new year along with bus access proposals. Forum to be given an opportunity to comment. 


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