Minutes of Forum 23 June 2005


Date issued:30 September 2005


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum                           DATE: 23 June 2005                        

PLACE OF MEETING:          Aldersley Stadium                   TIME: 7.00pm



PRESENT                                                                  REPRESENTING

Councillor Milkinder Jaspal MJ                                   Portfolio Holder Transportation

Councillor Jennifer Cromie JC                                   Park Ward                  

John Partridge JP                                                       WCC

Nick Kitchen    NK                                                       WCC

Ric Bravery     RB                                                       WCC

Peter Rollings PR                                                       WCC

Steve Spencer SS                                                      Wolves-on-Wheels CC         

Jocelyn Rix      JR                                                                                                                  

David Wilson DW                                                        Sustrans Ranger Group

David Holman DH                                                       Wolves-on-Wheels CC + R2R

Sam Henry SH                                                (Part)   ABCD – Community and Youth Officer                                            


Richard Welch                                                            WCC



The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.


  • DH asked if there had been any progress on Development issues being brought to the Forum for comment. JPindicated that if required the planners would be invited to discuss suggested topics. It was agreed that NK should organize a sub-group meeting for discussions on the Retail Core Expansion, i54 and Bilston Urban Village.


  • The issue of widening attendance was discussed. Several ideas were raised including informal public notices, flyers to bike shops, advertising in One City News and a data base of residents with an interest in cycling, similar to Sandwell.  JCP/NK/PR to discuss further.


  • Metro 5W’s – DH and DW had met with Richard Robson to discuss details of route prior to detail design by Centro. DH suggested that WCC needed to be more proactive in the detail of the design as too many cycle issues were neglected in the as built scheme. MJ reassured the Forum that WCC had been very proactive in design issues of Metro particularly in the Wednesfield area. JR raised the issue of the design of the existing metro route at Ettingshall and the cycle lanes outside the New Inn. A discussion followed about the logic of the cycle route and its effectiveness. NK to investigate and suggest any minor improvements to encourage greater use and convenience for cyclists.



Communication - PR circulated the new ‘Cyclewise’ leaflets which had been produced. The four leaflets cover Cycle to Work, Leisure, Maintenance and Confidence. The Leisure leaflet featured a new ride for new or inexperienced riders and was also available on the WCC website. SS expressed some concern about the Leisure ride encouraging conflict between walkers and cyclists but it was agreed by the forum that the route was a good idea and that a curtain amount of common sense needed to be shown by both parties. The leaflets had been produced in a colourful design with a sleeve holder so additional leaflets could be added in the future. PR hoped WoWCC could provide information for their own leaflet in the series. JR suggested a new cycle network leaflet should be produced in the same style as the map was getting increasing difficult to find. NK to progress new design of network map through sub-group.  


Training – The Road Safety Forum meeting on training had been a success. The new National Standards. Adult cycle training had been launched and so far 20 adults had signed up.



Infrastructure – NK to organize sub-group ASAP to address issues of signing and completion of NCN 81. DH asked about possible alternative routes for cyclists following the banning of the RT from Waterloo Road to Newhampton Road. He suggested an alternative via Dunkley St. JCP indicated that the ban was experimental and that an alternative route would be investigated if the order became permanent. (Note. From the current traffic counts, very few cyclists turn right from Waterloo to Newhampton ). DW congratulated WCC on the introduction of mini-roundabouts at Castlecroft Road and Barnhurst Lane. These had reduced the speed of traffic considerably and made both junctions easier to negotiate.


Community and Youth Worker – Sam Henry

SH gave a short presentation with slides. Employed by ABCD as a Multi-agency youth worker, SH was keen to develop cycling as a support activity for youth groups up to the age of 19.  With the help of CTC qualified instructors rides had been organized for small groups. The feed back from the kids had been encouraging and a cycle maintenance centre was proposed to help the kids maintain and learn basic repair skills. In addition to this initiative PRbriefed the forum on the  

use of Aylesbury Training Group (ATG) bike maintenance container for 12 months. ATG will supply instruction in bike maintenance to suitably qualified staff, mainly from bike shops. The facility could be used to help the youth groups on an informal basis.


  1.     Bike Week

RB gave a brief account of the events organized for bike week. Adult Cycle Training had been launched and had received coverage in the local papers. A biker’s breakfast had attracted cyclists to the market square where they received a voucher for Philadelphia Flyer in Victoria Street. Staff from Fred Williams bike shop were available for any maintenance requirements. DH listed WoWCC events which included a weekend picnic ride, an evening social ride and support for the CTC’s National Women’s Cycle Day.


  1.       Cycle England – Demonstration Town initiative

DH asked if WCC would be applying for a place on the scheme. RB/NK indicated that at present LA’s had not been asked to apply as yet. DH had spoken to a member of the CE board about W’ton’s bid for sustainable town status and the member had suggested a letter of approach would be welcome, MJ asked for a letter asking to be part of the Demonstration Project scheme to be drafted.


Wolverhampton was subsequently invited to bid for the grant and submitted an application form endorsed by Councillor Jaspal and Malcolm Read. Cycle England informed WCC by letter 23.08.05 that they had been unsuccessful in the bid. Taunton, Exeter, Lancaster, Southport, Brighton, Aylesbury, Derby, Darlington and Hackney have been short-listed for testing. 



No other issues were raised

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