Minutes of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum 10 February 2005

Date issued:2 March 2005


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum

PLACE OF MEETING:          Aldersley Stadium                   DATE: 10 February 2005

PURPOSE OF MEETING:                                                    TIME: 7.00pm



PRESENT                                                                              REPRESENTING

Councillor Jennifer Cromie JC                                               Park Ward                  

John Partridge JP                                                                   WCC

Nick Kitchen    NK                                                                  WCC

Richard Welch   RW                                                               WCC

Peter Rollings PR                                                                   WCC

Dave Nicholson DN                                                                Wolves-on-Wheels CC

David Wilson DW                                                                    Sustrans Ranger Group

David Holman DH                                                                   Wolves-on-Wheels CC + R2R

Malcolm Wilson MW                                                               Wolverhampton Wheelers

Andy Priest AP                                                                        Elizabethan Cycle Club                                                        



Due to the absence of Councillor Jaspal it was agreed that JP should chair the meeting.



The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.



DW indicated that WoWCC had submitted a letter to Cllr Jaspal on issues concerning the Springfield Brewery site. They had received a reply from Transportation Strategy.



NK updated the group on the outcome of the initial subgroup meetings. A note of each sub-group is attached. Meeting with British Waterways had proved constructive. BWB were supporting the Safe Routes to School scheme for Wednesfield and were keen to provide additional signing along towpath for NCN route 81. NK & PR to continue to liaise.  WoWCC also raised concern about future development issues at  Wednesfield and Bilston Urban Village. The Forum should be able to comment on draft proposals. JP suggested that if the Forum wished a meeting could be arranged and planners asked to attend to discuss a specific topic. NK will write to the planners to ask for the Forum to be included in draft consultations on all major development schemes.



Publicity for the sub-groups had been placed in the Express and Star and the Ad-News. JP indicated that this had proved expensive and had generated no interest from the public. The Forum was asked how wider participation could be generated. MW suggested using existing Wheelers contacts at the Chronicle. It was also suggested that the Communication sub-group should discuss in more detail and suggest ways forward. Citizens Panels may also be a way of getting comments on cycle issues from non-cyclists.





At the last Forum it was agreed that NK should provide an indication of the strengths and weakness of the Assessment so the Forum could get some idea of a possible way forward to improve and better the overall score. Due to the size of the assessment document (50 pages) it was thought unreasonable to expect the Forum to wade through it. Approx 5 examples of good practice for each of the 10 criteria were produced. If these were measurable the Council is likely to score higher marks in the assessment. Of these, 5 were picked out for the Forum to discuss.

  •          Cycling seen as central to promoting health
  •          2/3 tier network to appeal to a wide cross section of potential cyclists
  •          Increasing the number of children trained to 61%+
  •          Promotional material targeted at a specific audience
  •          All authority departments to consult on an formal and informal basis


The Forum agreed that these were suitable issues which should be targeted for improvement or new initiatives.


  1.       BIKE WEEK 11-19 JUNE 2005

Jennie Crayford has been appointed as the new Travel Plan Co-ordinator. She previously worked in Road Safety as the School’s Travel Plan Co-coordinator. JP suggested that Jennie should be invited to the next Communication Sub-group to discuss possible initiatives. The Forum had a general discussion about possible ideas. It was suggested that Councillors should be asked to participate in publicity for the week along with MP’s if available.



JP explained that at the recent Road Safety Forum 31.01.05 it had been agreed that the Forum sub-groups (Over 50’s, Child and Drivers) should be replaced by a specific meeting on a suggested topic. The first meeting had been agreed and was to debate the issue of Cycle Training for both adults and children. Forum members were asked if a daytime or evening meeting was best , with the majority wanting an evening meeting. A letter inviting Forum members to the meeting is attached.



WoWCC had raised the question about the Councils consultation process on the new Rights of Way Improvement Plan due in 2007. A brief outline of the consultation was given. Any issues for Rights Of Way should be directed to Carole Kertesz in Transportion Network Management. She is currently collecting contact details for interest groups prior to a consultation exercise. All the cycle groups represented at the Forum have been included.


Consultation plans have been issued by Centro for the 5 W’s route Metro Route. Richard Robson has discussed these with NK and a brief strategy for cycle provision on the route has been given to Centro for more detailed design. If required at this stage a Infrastructure sub-group could be arranged and Richard asked to attend. All to note and advise if a separate meetings is required. Please let NK know if you require a copy of the design note sent to Centro


  1.   A.O.B

See reference to Development consultation in Sub-group feedback


MW asked if consideration could be given to more positive images of cycling, these needed improving in the public’s mind and the need to increase cycle use was as much about perception as infrastructure. JP suggested that this could be an issue for the Communication sub-group to address.

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