Minutes of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

25 November 2004

File Ref:                     T10/82

Date issued:              6/12/04


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum

PLACE OF MEETING:          Aldersley Stadium                   DATE: 25 November 2004

PURPOSE OF MEETING:                                                    TIME: 6.30pm



PRESENT:                                                                             REPRESENTING:

Councillor Milkinder Jaspal MJ (Chair)                                   Portfolio Holder Transportation

Councillor Jennifer Cromie JC                                               Park Ward

John Partridge JP                                                                   WCC

Ric Bravery  RB                                                                      WCC

Nick Kitchen    NK                                                                  WCC                                                  

Peter Rollings PR                                                                   WCC

Dave Nicholson DN                                                                Wolves-on-Wheels CC

David Wilson DW                                                                    Sustrans Ranger Group/WoWCC

David Holman DH                                                                   Wolves-on-Wheels CC/Right to Ride

Andy Priest AP                                                                        Elizabethan Cycling Club       

Martin Lucy ML                                                                       Wolves-on-Wheels CC

Ian Banks IB                                                                           Cyclists

Phil Turner PT                                                                                    CTC Instructor

Matthew Goodrich MG                                                            Aylesbury Training Group

Perminder Balu PB                                                                 Sustrans, W.M Regional Manager



Richard Welch                                                                                    WCC

Ian Fardoe                                                                               Wildside Activity Centre

Jo Widdowson                                                                                    Royal Mail

Sue Mckie                                                                               Wolverhampton PCT




    DW – 
    his comments on the objectives for the terms of reference particularly, Off highway routes and the NCN and the monitoring of cross boundary trips had been minuted at the last meeting but they had not found their way into the terms of reference. NK to  update Terms of Reference.


JCP apologized for the delay in producing the minutes. In future these would be produced within 10 days of the meeting.


Matters Arising – RB said no further progress on the Transportation Forum report had been made but it was likely to be available early in the new year.


The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.


  1.       Sub-Groups

JCP – At the last meeting the sub-groups had been agreed with the Forum but there had been no further progress as no dates were set for the sub-groups to meet. He also suggested that someone should lead each group and that it made sense if each sub-group was Officer led. MJ

suggested that due to the delay in setting up these groups the first meetings should be before Christmas or as soon after as possible so as not to allow the issue to drift. JCP agreed to set up some dates for the sub-groups and the Forum agreed that these should be advertised in the Express and Star to allow members of the public to attend if they wished.  JCP/NK/PR/RB to agree dates and the publicity for Sub-groups and to inform members of the Forum as soon as possible.


  1.       CCN/CTC Conference – Cycle and Transport Integration

ML gave feed back on the successful event hosted by Wolves-on Wheels C.C. on the 15 Nov at the Light House.  90 delegates had attended, with a good cross section from around the country. Various topics were discussed ranging from Safer routes to School, A Bus Bike Scheme, A multi-site staff cycle scheme and the DfT Sustainable Travel Towns. The presentation by Malcolm Read (Chief Transportation Officer) had been welcomed by WoWCC and it had enabled the Conference to ask some tough questions of a senior Officer at the Council. The Conferences are held every six months and the next venue was to be in Surrey in 2005 


  1.       English Regional Cycling Development Team (ERCDT) Assessment 2004

NK outline how the national picture on cycle provision in Highway Authorities has changed from the last assessment in 2003. Wolverhampton had improved it’s overall score on 10 categories of assessment. The increases in the score had been attributed to the formation of the Cycle Forum, Member involvement in the Forum and Cycle Training. The only continuing negative was the low score attributed to Monitoring and Targets. The ERCDT has also commented on their continuing concern over ‘infrastructure’ provision on a national scale. DN asked how infrastructure was assessed and if different types of provision scored higher marks. IB commented on the type of provision and how he thought some of it was inappropriate for use by young children and that cycle infrastructure should be ‘family’ road tested. A general discussion on the A41Tettenhall Road cycle lanes followed. DH offered WoWCC detailed assessment of the A41 as an example of best practice which could be adopted. MJ suggested the Forum needed to know the strengths and weakness of the ERCDT assessment and how we could improve it. NK will provide an assessment for the next meeting. It was also agreed that the sub-groups should be tasked with a review of the 10 categories and to provide suitable actions. Leaders of sub-groups to note.



  1.       Cycle Training.

PR explained the current set up for cycle training and in line with the recommendation’s from the ERCDT assessment the new national cycle training standards were to be introduced subject to approval from Members. The new standards would teach children to cycle safely in the age groups of 11, 12 and 13 years. Wednesfield High School was likely to be one of the first schools in the City to undergo cycle training to the new standard. This is to take place in Jan/Feb 2005 and would be part of a larger project to encourage children at the Lower and Upper school sites to cycle. New cycle parking has been installed and the Council’s School Travel Plan Co-ordinator will be working with pupils and teachers to identify suitable routes to and from the school. JCP explained the whole project would provide a 'joined up’ approach which could be copied else where in the City. DN asked why Wednesfield had been chosen? PRattributed the headteachers enthusiasm for the project as the main driving force. PB explained the link the project could have with the NCN route 81. MG introduced himself to the Forum and detailed the work of Aylesbury Training Group. ATG provides free cycle maintenance NVQ level 1,2 and 3 qualifications to 16 to 22 year old. A site at Ashmore Park is currently being considered as a cycle maintenance centre. PR went on to explain the importance of promoting leisure routes for inexperienced or newly trained youngsters and the plans to promote several routes via the council’s website in the near future.


During the discussions on the Wednesfield Link to the NCN several WoWCC members complained to the Chair that they have an outstanding objection to the re-development of the Springfield Brewery. The Campaign Group had put forward proposals for an alternative route for route 81 that would be parallel to the towpath but would utilize some or part of the Brewery site. DN was unhappy that this objection had never been acknowledged by the Planning Case Officer and re-development proposals seem to be coming forward for the site without any reference to this outstanding objection. He felt the whole UDP objection process was confusing for the public. MJ asked WoWCC to write directly to him on this issue and he would pursue this on their behalf.



Due to a lack of time infrastructure was only briefly discussed. JCP welcomed any suggestions from the Forum for future schemes which could be included in a future programme. It was suggested that the infrastructure sub-group could deal with this issue in more detail.


  1.       Bike Week 2005.

A discussion followed on what could be promoted by the Forum in June 2005. DH suggested the annual W.M Police charity ride to Aberdovey could be included. PR would like to see events that targeted non-cyclists and encouraged them to ‘have a go’. The Walk to School Week initiative which was successful could be modified to allow a similar scheme for cycling to school which gave vouchers to children if they cycled for the week. It was agreed that the communication sub-group should address this issue in more detail.


PB introduced himself as the new Sustrans Regional Manager for the W.M. Based in Birmingham City Centre he would be promoting the completion of remaining sections of the NCN and supporting and working closely with LA.


8.      A.O.B

DH asked what progress was being made on the Council’s Green Travel Plan. MJ explained that a steering group had been set up, of which he was a member, for the process of internal consultation. Some of this consultation was likely to be sensitive as it dealt with the unions and staff conditions of employment. The principle of the scheme was to provide balanced travel choices. 


9.       Date of the next meeting

10th February 2005 – 6.30pm Aldersley Stadium

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