Minutes of Wolverhampton City Cycle Forum

22 July 2004

Date issued: 12 November 2004


PROJECT:                             Cycle Forum

PLACE OF MEETING:          Aldersley Stadium                   DATE: 22 July 2004

PURPOSE OF MEETING:                                                    TIME: 7.00pm



PRESENT:                                                                             REPRESENTING:

Councillor Malkinder Jaspal MJ                                              Portfolio Holder Transportation

John Partridge (Traffic Management + Road Safety) JP       WCC

Ric Bravery (Transport Policy) RB                                         WCC

Nick Kitchen    (Traffic Design) NK                                       WCC

Richard Welch (Leisure Services)  RW                                 WCC

Peter Rollings (Road Safety)                                                  WCC

Dave Nicholson DN                                                                Wolves-on-Wheels CC

David Wilson DW                                                                    Sustrans Ranger Group

Ian Fardoe  IF                                                              Wildside Activity Centre

David Holman                                                                         Wolves-on-Wheels CC + Right to                                                                                                     Ride



Rob Marris                                                                              M.P. (Wolverhampton SW)

David Orton                                                                             WCC

Andy Priest                                                                              Elizabethan Cycling Club

Dr Louise Massey                                                                   Wolverhampton PCT

Martin Lucy                                                                              Wolves-on-Wheels CC






Introductions - DW sort clarification on the use of the word ‘softer issues’ attributed to him - NK explained that this term was usually to mean non-built issues, and it was agreed that training, publicity, communication and leisure cycling were none the less still important issues to be addressed.  


Frequency of meetings - DH asked if the reference to twice yearly meetings of the forum was correct – JCP explained that the majority of the work was to be undertaken by the Sub-groups and that the main forum was a place to report back to throughout the year. DH was happy provided that the sub-groups could deal with bigger issues as and when required ie. major developments, transport interchange etc.


The minutes were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.



A general discussion took place regarding the draft terms of reference prepared at the last meeting and circulated prior to the meeting. DH suggested that in targets - the reference to increasing cycle use should come before reducing the number of cycle casualties. DN thought there should be a reference to encouraging links with neighboring Authorities, particularly the Shires, as he felt this was extremely poor at present and there was potentially a lot of good work which could be done to encourage cross boundary trips. MJ added that there was a strong link with South Staff in terms of economic development and that there was no reason why stronger links couldn’t and shouldn’t be made in the future. DW would like to see a reference to Off Highway and NCN in the objectives to maximize the convenience, safety and continuity of routes. He also commented on the monitoring of cross boundary trips to/from the city. JCP suggested that rather than discuss the mission statement at length, the comments made would be incorporated and circulated as part of the minutes of the meeting for all present to review. He also suggested that the objectives and targets were unlikely to be set in stone and if everybody was happy with them in principle they could go forward and be reviewed without to much difficulty in the future.



RB explained the background to the formation of a wider Transport Forum. A report has been written and recommends the establishment of a Transportation Forum for the City along with a Cycle Forum Sub-group. These arrangements would be presented to Members shortly for approval.



For the benefit of the group a brief overview was given by Officers about the work which they are involved in.



A general discussion took place on the number and issues to be covered by the sub-groups. The following groups were agreed in principle




JCP suggested that members of the Forum could belong to as many of the sub-groups as they liked. He also thought that the sub-groups should be advertised in the press once the dates had been finalized to encourage participation by the public. IF commented earlier in the meeting that the public were reluctant to come along to the forum due to their general perception of Council meetings. A general discussion followed – DN again raised the concern about the lack of communication between the Council and others particularly British waterways and neighboring Authorities. DHsuggested progress needed to be made on publicizing cycle events. Wolves-on Wheels thought they could help the Council with the Press as they seemed to get good press when required. RW already had strong links from the sports development side and it was agreed that leisure/sports development should be combined along with PR’s work on adult cycle training. The formation of an infrastructure sub-group would enable major schemes to be discussed in more detail. DH requested better consultation on cycle issues connected with the Transport interchange, Sainsbury’s development and the 5W’s tramway consultation being undertaken by Centro. He was also becoming increasingly frustrated with the ability to track the evolution of documents like the UDP once comments had been made. He wanted greater involvement to make sure comments were taken on board and in some cases expanded within the document.DH requested an advanced copy of the Cycle Strategy prior to it’s publication.


  1.       A.O.B


DH detailed the forthcoming ride from Telford to Ironbridge to celebrate the 20 Anniversary of the UK’s ratification of the World Heritage Convention. He was to represent Wolves-on-wheels in his capacity of Liaison Ranger for the NCN. He asked for any volunteers from the Council to join him and if the Council could provide a send off for his ride to Telford from the Civic Centre. MJ suggested the Major should be contacted for his availability. DH also asked

if the current advertisement for adult cycle training could be extended to Council staff. PR replied that the issue of advertisements on the back of wage slips was being investigated. IF also suggested that the cycle mileage rate for the Council should be looked at to encourage cycle use for staff during business hours. RB explained that this issue was included in the Council’s  Travel Plan but at present this had yet to be approved by Cabinet.

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