Chocolate Chainring Award

Chocolate Chainring Award

This page features some of wonderful examples of cycle friendliness 
that we all find so endearing whilst pedalling our way around Wolverhampton.


First Award of 2004 goes to Safeway on the Penn Road
safeway parking
Sheffield stand-shopping trolley stand, it sounds similar!
Lot's more coming soon!

The first 'Facility of the Month' of 2003 goes to Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust. 
The cycle parking at the East Entrance (to 'D Wards') of Newcross Hospital is a relic from the 1960s and has certainly seen better days. 
The stands are unsheltered, do not allow the frame to be attached (i.e. 'wheelbender' variety) and are fully removable from the ground! 

Now for the irony.
Only a few metres away the the health service has seen fit to cater for all those staff and patients engaged in the healthy activity of SMOKING! - 
Nice new seating under a new perspex shelter to keep off the elements and there's even ashtrays to help improve the local environment! 
Why would they even want to consider wasting money 
upgrading 1960s shoddy cycle parking stands and encouraging that dangerous and downright unhealthy activity of cycling!?

The government has made clear its policies on transport and health facilities:
'We are particularly keen that hospitals are seen to be taking the lead in changing travel habits.
By the very nature of their work, hospitals should be sending the right messages to their communities on acting responsibly on health issues.
We would like to see all hospitals producing green [sic] transport plans'

para 5.24, page 143; DETR (1998) A New Deal for Transport: Better for Everyone: The Government's White Paper on the Future of Transport. TSO.
And the Wolverhampton City Primary Health Care Trust has set out its objective:
'[to] ensure Royal Wolverhampton hospitals NHS Trust and Wolverhampton Health Care NHS Trust develop a Green Travel Plan and ensure healthy options for staff to travel to work'. 
Para 6.5.3. 'Priorities for Action'. Wolverhampton City Primary Health Care Trust website
So come on Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust lets see the £60 million budget spent wisely! Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign suggest:
a.. Working with the City Council Highways to conduct a review/audit of accessibility both to and whilst on the site for pedestrians and cyclists. 
b.. Developing and implementing a cycle parking plan that caters for both staff and visitors to the site. 
c.. Ensuring that cycle access and parking is clearly identified on NHS information maps - starting with the RWH NHS Trust website! 
d.. Repeating this at other healthcare centres throughout Wolverhampton. 
e.. Promoting healthy active travel to staff at healthcentres and also to residents of Wolverhampton
We are willing to provide voluntary support and are waiting for your call!

The Summer 2002 winner:

No expense has been spared to construct a toucan crossing across Penn Road near the junction with Manor Road. 

Riding along in the Wombourne direction,
a cycle sign "Woodland Walk" directs you over the toucan to another cycle sign "Woodland Walk" 
woodland walk blue cycle sign
and this is followed by another sign ................
Iguess woodland walk should have warned us
da... da dahhhhhhhhh.............

yes you've guessed it

....... which says no cycling!


Older ones: MARCH/APRIL 2002

secure parking NOT
virgin trains disappearing lockers


This facility is taken away from you courtesy of Virgin Trains. 

Virgin Trains have reinstalled the cycle lockers in the entrance to the multistory carpark.
They have also installed sheffield stands on platform one of the station.

Other examples

Road of Doom (Crowther Road)
Turned into a slalom course for motorists

Oxley Moor Road
Just as you approach this island
you get channeled off into a cycle lane to ...
rejoin the traffic on the island ?
stupid signingstupid islands

Molineux Subway 
Cycle lane nicely signed at either end but nothing to warn pedestrians who approach the corner from the steps
(where the photo is taken from)
Woves Uni has a large deaf population, a bell doesn't work!

Are these demonstrations of cycle engineering excellence confined to the City of Wolverhampton?

Click here to find out!

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