Cycle Strategy will be reviewed at the Wolverhampton Council Business and Enterprise Scrutiny Panel on 7th January 2014.

WoW will be attending the meeting starting 6pm.


Meeting Details (WCC website) : Enterprise and Business Scrutiny Panel 7 Jan 2014 - 18:00 Committee Room 3.

New Strategy

  • Using Cycling to encourage Enterprise and Business
  • How to create a door-to-door journey time advantage for cycling over car use
  • Utility Cycling
  • What infrastructure investment required to overcome barriers to riding?
  • Long-term cycling strategy rather than piecemeal scheme installation
  • Council’s website can offer opportunities to showcase cycling opportunities ( erm, it was until revamped)
  • (Engineers) stating what cycle facilities are included in highway schemes.or explained why nothing can be done

Potential Funding

  • Black Country Strategic Economic Plan - Sustainable Transport & Innovation
  • Black Country Strategic Economic Plan - Short Trips Strategy
  • Public Health Transformational Fund
  • Small scale cycle improvements embedded within all transport improvements and new development.


The report quite rightly acknowledges that Wolverhampton has a low level of cycle casualties, however we have a low level of bike users!  Investigation of how local enforcement of road traffic regulations (to all road users) would go a long way!

There is fair mention of the i54 development, however one of the routes most in need of improvement in that area is the Sustrans NCN81 Autherley Junction to Wobaston Road section of towpath along the North side of the Shropshire Union canal.

On the whole, potentially positive progress, as was the 2005 strategy. The key to implementation will lie in regular implementation reviews, along with cross party political support to enable a long term "where do we want to be in 20 years time" viewpoint to get Wolverhampton to the stage where it's as easy as riding a bike.

Current Schemes Include

  • More cycle parking being investigated at the new rail station
  • Cycleway proposed alongside Metro on Railway Drive
  • Contra-flow cycle lanes being constructed as part of the Public Realm Improvements in the City Centre
  • Shared path for cyclists and pedestrians being constructed on the north side of Wobaston Road
  • Bilston Road corridor
  • NOT repainting the Tettenhall Rd Cycle Lanes 


There are references to the "current" cycling strategy, removed in WCC's recent website downgrade.


Although the 2005 Walking Strategy appeared for a brief period moment on the new WCC website, it has also disappeared. Is this also a current document?


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