Robin Ireland of the Heart of Mersey Charity gave a presentation on Cycling for Health at the 2005 CCN/CTC campaigns conference entitled 'Streets Ahead' held in Warrington.

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Exercise and Health ñ Cycling and Public Health
By Robin Ireland of Heart of Mersey (charity). Streets ahead CCN / CTC conference, Warrington 12 November 2005
A hard-nosed view as a cyclist on how to get the health service interested.
Slides available for download at : -
Topics :- Itís good for your health Coronary Heart Disease Obesity The role of Public Health with cycling
Is being dressed as an urban warrior good for your health ? (Slide of rider with mask and helmet)
Cycling is good for :-
Cardiovascular Respiratory Bones and joints ñ load-bearing is good for the overweight Mental health and well-being Combats obesity
Cardiovascular diseases accounted for 45% of all UK deaths in 2004. UK rates of CHD are only surpassed by USSR and Ireland. Fall in CHD is due largely to demise in smoking. Diet has a bigger effect on CHD than exercise. In Finland there has been a 70% drop in CHD in 20 years. Slides of Finnish life. Diet is the only change made here. Finns lead active lifestyles in any case.
Obesity ñ slides track the increase in clinical obesity across the USA in a 20 year period in all US states. Mokdad, A H et al Journal of American Medical Association. 1999 282 :16 , 2001 286 :10 Food manufacturers Diabetes is soaring in the US Heart disease leads to poor quality of life in last 10 years.
Policy Drivers
ìChoosing Health and Choosing Activityî ñ Govt White Paper. Itís about changing the
environment to make it easy but policy based on th individual does not help. Smoke-free environments are a good example of Government action.
Physical activity among adults :- 64% at work or in travel to work 8% in sport 7% Gardening and D.I.Y 12% walking 9% housework.
Why spend money on Stadia like Wembley or on the Olympics ? They donít greatly affect the level of activity among adults.
Active, friendly localities Attractive community facilities Better play spaces Easier cycling to work and school Safe walking Traffic calming and Traffic-free Neighbourhood Watch
Local Authority Safety Audits = Poor quality of life !!!
Every tiny change that makes it harder to walk and cycle is there for decades
The Manual for Streets from the DfT ñ get involved with making it promote active lifestyles. ìProxy Targetsî.
How to get the message across to health professionals?
GPís prescriptions for health referrals may only get may get used on cycle training. GPís are a nightmare. Community Health is affected by the built environment.

The original PDF can be download here.
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