The Friends Meeting House,
Summerfield Road, (near West Park), Wolverhampton
Wednesday 21st October 2009


Meeting Starts At 6-30 Pm Promptly

1. Appointment Of Chairman For Meeting
2. Attendance and Apologies For Absence
3. Minutes of last AGM a) accuracy b) matters arising
4. Election Of Officers
Campaign Chair
Treasurer (The treasurer has submitted her resignation.)
Membership Secretary
Website Officer
Newsletter Editor
5. Chairman's Report
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Membership Secretary's Report
8. Review Subscription Rates For Forthcoming Year.
9. Review Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, Time, Venue Frequency.
10. Campaigns And Events For 2008/9 Season - Your Opinions

Please attend this meeting and have your say on the next year's campaigning and ridesRegular meeting

1. *Minutes of last meeting: a) accuracy b) matters arising.
*These have already been circulated.
2. Notification of Any Other Business
3. Correspondence
4. Campaign Priorities for 2009 progress reports.
5. Newsletter
6. Reports: Cycle Forum (Minutes of last meeting enclosed)
Ranger Group
7. Any Other Business
8. Next regular meeting: to be arranged

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