The Friends Meeting House,
Summerfield Road, (near West Park), Wolverhampton
Wednesday 13th October 2010 


1. Appointment Of Chair For Meeting
Julia Brant was agreed as chair.
Because the following was put forward for consideration under item 10 on the agenda, it was decided to take items 4, 8 and 9 after item 10.
From David Holman: “Alastair and I would like to discuss the future of the campaign in relation to present levels of activity and member involvement.”

2. Attendance and Apologies For Absence
Rob Marris
John Goldring, Alastair Hopkins, Steve Spencer, Dave Wilson, Sheena Jenkins, Mike Jenkins, Julia Brant Julia Pursehouse

3. Minutes of last AGM
a) Accuracy
Agreed accurate
Agreed accept.
b) Matters arising
Facebook page was achieved.

5. Chair's Report
The Chair requested highlights of the year for inclusion in her report.
Facebook page exists; Mike keeps it up to date with local information; few comments are posted.
Bike week related displays at the Library and a variety of information leaflets were done by Mike.
Thanks to Mike Jenkins
Dave Wilson was pleased to report that there is now a plan for the cross city route signing for NCNR 81 and he is confident that it will be done to his satisfaction. Thanks to Dave for his hard work.
Cycle Forum. Alastair reported successes achieved within the City in getting useful cycling infrastructure and cycle stands installed.
Social rides have taken place every month.
Campaign meetings have taken place every quarter, in advance of Cycle Forum meetings.

6. Treasurer’s Report - (see original doc)
Accepted with thanks.
Note that Alastair has resigned as Treasurer, and thank him for his work as such.

7. Membership Secretary's Report
We have 30 members, about 10 of whom are active.

10. Campaigns and Events for next Year – Your Opinions
There is a suggestion the WoW Campaign Group should be wound up.
Can it continue given that several members no longer wish to hold office?
The following points were made:
Dave Wilson: very keen to continue as a campaign group with regular meetings in synch with Forum.
Dave Wilson keen to develop work with Sustrans through the Ranger Group which is bearing fruit.
Julia Brant commented that Wolverhampton is not very cycle friendly despite all efforts.
Steve Spencer considers that as a user group WoW is vital, especially given how backward the UK is re. cycling and renewable energy.
Dave Holman is simply short of time – and still CTC Right to Ride representative.
Mike Jenkins has been inspired to write letters and so on because of knowledge/information from WoW meetings/members.
Agreed that WoW continue to exist.
Consideration of specific campaign issues was deferred to a future meeting.

Agreed that Dave Wilson should check that the version of our constitution on the WoW website is up to date, correcting it if necessary.

4. Election Of Officers
WoW Chair – chairs meetings, calls meetings if necessary. Julia Brant.
Treasurer - Steve Spencer (with thanks)
Membership Secretary – Julia P.
Minuting Secretary – Julia P.
Website Officer – Dave Holman
Information officer –Mike Jenkins

Agreed the following:
‘It was agreed that the mandate to the Unity Trust Bank be re-affirmed in the following terms: ‘To Unity Trust Bank plc
On behalf of the organisation known as Wolves on Wheels Campaign Group, we confirm that at a properly convened Annual General Meeting of the organisation it was resolved that:
1. The Mandate for….
It was also agreed that: ‘the following are nominated as signatories to the Bank Account in respect of matters associated therewith until further decision of the Committee or Annual General Meeting: Chair – Julia Brant, Vice Chair – David Holman, Treasurer – Steven Spencer and cheques must be signed by any two thereof.’

8. Review Subscription Rates for Forthcoming Year.
CURRENTLY £10 family; £7 individual waged, £2 individual unwaged.
Agreed that they remain unchanged.

9. Review Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, Time, Venue Frequency.
Agreed: As at present quarterly, on the 3rd Wednesday in January, April, July and October at 18.30 in the Friends’ Meeting House.
Agreed: Continue to synchronize with Cycle Forum meetings.

The AGM finished at 2018.
Next year’s meetings will be as follows:


Wolves on WheelsCycle Forum
Wednesday 12 January 2011 Thursday 20 January 2011
Wednesday 27 April 2011 Thursday 5 May 2011
Wednesday 13 July 2011 Thursday 21 July 2011
Wednesday 12 October 2011 Thursday 20 October 2011


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