The Friends Meeting House,
Summerfield Road, (near West Park), Wolverhampton
Wed 12TH October 2011


Paragraph numbers follow those of the Agenda (Annex A).

1. Appointment of Chair for Meeting
Julia Brant was appointed to chair the meeting, and David Wilson to take the Minutes.

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Present: Julia Brant (JB), David Wilson (DW), Steve Spencer (SS), Steve Young (SY), David Nicholson (DN).
Apologies: Rob Marris, Julia Pursehouse, David Holman, Mike Jenkins.

3. Minutes of last AGM
(a) Accuracy
The Minutes of the 2010 AGM were accepted as a true record.
(b) Matters arising
Para 10: Agreed that the question of the future form and operation of the Campaign be taken up again and discussed under Point 4 of the present Agenda.

4. The Future of Wolves on Wheels
As had happened in 2010, it was again apparent that the number of active members available for election as officers was shrinking, and the effectiveness of campaigning might be in jeopardy. Several options for and against the continuation of the campaign in its current form were discussed. The meeting agreed that WOWCC would continue as a fully structured organization and elect officers for the coming year. It was recognized that structure and campaigning methods were two separate issues, and detailed discussion of the latter should be conducted in future campaign meetings rather than the AGM.

5. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair: Julia Brant (nominated DW, seconded SY)
It was agreed that an alternative chair would be appointed for any meeting where the campaign Chair was not available.
No Deputy Chair was elected this year.
Treasurer: Steve Spencer (nominated JB, seconded DN)
Secretary and Membership Secretary: David Wilson (nominated SS, seconded SY). It was agreed that these two posts should continue to be combined.
David Wilson was now available for election to an officer post, having resigned as Sustrans Liaison Ranger and handed over this function to Steve Young.
DW undertook to review the records of membership and subscriptions and report to a future campaign meeting.
Website Officer: No election.
Newsletter Editor: No election.
Archivist /Information Officer: In the absence of the current holder, Mike Jenkins, this election was deferred to a future meeting.
The three current posts of Website Officer, newsletter Editor and Archivist / Information Officer were discussed. JB and SY undertook to review online facilities (WOWcc website, Facebook page, and possible future use of Twitter) and report to a future campaign meeting. It was agreed that the posts should be re-named and defined as follows:
Website Officer: Responsible for technical maintenance.
Online Content Editor (instead of Newsletter Editor).
Information Officer (Archivist title unnecessary).

6. Chair’s Report
Not available for the meeting. JB will write a brief report on 2010-2011 and circulate.

7. Treasurer’s Report
The accounts presented by the Treasurer (SS) were adopted. (Annex B).
The meeting agreed that DW should become a signatory to the bank account.
SS tabled a resolution as follows: “This WOWCC AGM of 12 October 2011 resolves to adopt the mandate on page 4 of the Unity Trust Bank Change of Signatory Appication Form”. This was agreed unanimously.

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
The current membership list provided by the retiring Membership Secretary (Julia Pursehouse) shows that there has been no change in the overall number of members (30).

Secretary’s Note:
A report for the year was also received from the Archivist/Information Officer (Mike Jenkins). This report was among papers provided by the retiring Secretary (Julia Pursehouse) but not discovered until afterwards, so was not discussed at the meeting. It is attached at Annex C.

9. Review of Subscription Rates
Deferred pending results of study by the new Membership Secretary (DW). See Para 5.

10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings
No change.

11. Campaigns and Events for Next Season.
This item was deferred to a later campaign meeting.
Annex A

Wednesday 12th October 2011: 6.30 pm

1. Appointment Of Chair For Meeting
2. Attendance and Apologies For Absence
3. Minutes of last AGM a) accuracy b) matters arising
4. The Future for Wolves on Wheels.
5. Election Of Officers
Campaign Chair
Membership Secretary
Website Officer
Newsletter Editor
6. Chair's Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Membership Secretary's Report
9. Review Subscription Rates for Forthcoming Year.
10. Review Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, Time, Venue Frequency.
11. Campaigns And Events For next Season - Your Opinions

Please attend this meeting and have your say on the next year's campaigning and rides

Campaign meeting

1. *Minutes of last meeting: a) accuracy b) matters arising.
*These have already been circulated.
2. Notification of Any Other Business
3. Correspondence
4. Campaign Priorities for current year; progress reports.
5. Newsletter
6. Reports: Cycle Forum (Minutes of last meeting enclosed)
Ranger Group
7. Any Other Business
8. Next regular meeting: to be arranged
Annex B follows

Annex C
Archivist/Information Officer’s Report

"I put the WoW display in Central Library in the week before Bike Week,
and made more frequent posts on the Facebook page at this time. As far
as I am aware neither of these resulted in any membership enquiries.
'Viewing figures' for the Facebook page have declined over the year even
though the number of fans has increased slightly. The initial aim of
bringing about information flow from non members to us has never been
I have continued with the 'clippings service', adding advance
information about forthcoming radio programmes as I become aware of them.
One positive note has been the addition of the online planning service
on the council website, which has made it easier to spot applications
that may affect cyclists."

Campaign Meeting
This followed on directly from the AGM.

1. Minutes of last meeting
(a) Accuracy
The minutes of 13 July 2011 were accepted as a true record.
(b) Matters Arising
Living Streets: The question of nominating two contacts was still in abeyance. This will be discussed at a future campaign meeting.

2. Notification of Any Other Business
There were no notifications.

3. Correspondence
SS had received letters from CTC asking for a definition of WOWCC’s activities for its new “Website for Clubs”. It was agreed to enter WOWCC under the category “Campaign Group”.
DW had corresponded with WCC about the prohibition of a right turn between Lichfield Street and Princess Street. There would be further information on this in due course.

4. Campaign Priorities and Progress reports
There was no detailed discussion at this stage. A likely major topic would be membership and recruitment.

5. Newsletter
This would be considered under the study of “Online Content” (See Para 5 of AGM minutes).

6. Reports
Cycle Forum: Draft minutes of the meeting in July 2011 had been received.
Ranger Group: DW had received news that WCC had ordered the hardware for signing of the NCN81 Cross-City Route and expected to install it by December. At the same time, hardware for cycle parking at the next agreed sites had been ordered.

7. Any Other Business
JB had circulated an item from LCC showing that a campaign group can take the initiative in controversial traffic designs (here: Blackfriars in London) and submit its own alternative design for direct comparison.

8 Next regular meetings
To be arranged when the 2012 Cycle Forum programme is known.


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