Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

West Midlands Cycle Training Centre, Aldersley High School, Barnhurst Way, Wolverhampton
Minutes of Meeting held on 20th October 2011 @ 6.00pm


Ric Bravery (RB) Wolverhampton City Council –Transportation
Jennifer Cromie (JC) Wolverhampton Resident (Chair)
Beccy Marston (BM) Cyclists’ Touring Club Cycle Champion
Chris Hopkins (CH) Wolverhampton City Council - Cycle Instructor
Lee Sicilia (LS) Wolverhampton City Council - Cycle Instructor
Bob Amer (BA) Local Resident
Win Sutton (WS) Local Resident
David Holman (DH) Wolves on Wheels/ CTC
San Worrall (SW) Cyclist
Steve Young (SY) Sustrans/ Cyclist

  1. Apologies

David Wilson (DW) Wolves on Wheels/Sustrans
Tim Oldham Wolverhampton Resident
Marcus Asbury (MA) Wolverhampton City Council - Sports Development
John Harris British Waterways Board
Pete Singer Local Resident
Phil Turner Wolverhampton City Council - Cycle Instructor
Sarah Shepherd (SS) Wolverhampton City Council -Transportation

2.Minutes of Last Meeting (21st July 2011)

WS raised three items:

  1. Item 4. (iv) change reference to ‘Coalition Government’ to ‘Government’

  2. Item 4. (v) combine references to Portsmouth

  3. Item 5. Change wording of second sentence in first paragraph to read: “These are principally canal towpaths and paths in the Smestow Valley Nature Reserve and other open spaces managed by the Council.”

Otherwise agreed as an accurate record.

3.Matters Arising

  1. Item 3 (iv) – i54 – Announcement had now been made that Jaguar Land Rover are building a factory on the site.

  2. Item 3 (v) – RB advised that the ‘Meccano Bridge’ is owned by WCC not BWB.

  3. Item 9. Cycle Sports – MA had given his apologies and this will be deferred to a future meeting.

  4. Item 4. Road Safety. BA raised issue of danger from concrete kerbs at road narrowings which can damage car wheels when struck. He suggested a bevelled edge to such kerbs so they do not wreck car wheels. BA to send RB a copy of his complaint.

Action: BA

4. West Midlands Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF)

RB explained the background to the submission of this bid.

The Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) was announced as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010. This new fund makes £560m available to support sustainable transport measures over the next four years.

Centro, in conjunction with the seven Metropolitan Local Authorities, submitted an initial large project proposal – ‘Smart Network, Smarter Choices’ in June; a copy of the proposal can be viewed at www.centro.org.uk/lstf. This proposal is corridor based and focuses on encouraging smarter travel choices in a way that will reduce carbon emissions and lead to reductions in road congestion. The Department for Transport (DfT) announced on 3rd August that the proposal had been shortlisted for further development and asked for a revised project proposal to be submitted by 20 December 2011. The feedback from DfT on the initial submission stated there was a need to reduce the scope and budget of the bid and that there were too many corridors and too many interventions in the proposal. DfT also re-iterated that proposals need to support job creation and access to employment through low carbon transport.

In the light of DfT feedback a revised bid is being prepared which focuses on eleven transport corridors. The range of measures include:

  • Smarter Choices (i.e. Workplace Travel Plans, TravelWise initiatives and other supporting measures)
  • Infrastructure Improvements (i.e. improved walking and cycling routes, enhanced passenger waiting facilities and small scale highway improvements)
  • Technology Showcase (i.e. enhanced passenger information)

The specific measures in Wolverhampton are:

A41 Wolverhampton to Bilston Corridor Measures:

  • New cycle routes between Wolverhampton and Bilston using shared footways, quiet roads and areas of open space including the former railway line between Lower Walsall Street and Bilston Road designated as a ‘Greenway’

  • Upgrade of signals to provide bus priority and  improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists at a number of junctions along Bilston Road, Wellington Road and Oxford Street

  • Upgrade of the junction at Bilston Road / Ettingshall Road to include cycle facilities

  • Improved pedestrian routes to Metro stops from bus stops and surrounding areas

  • Complementary Smarter Choices measures targeted at trip generators such as Wolverhampton College (Bilston Campus) and SMEs in the area including promotion of Travel Plans and the Council’s Company TravelWise initiative

A4123/ A459 Wolverhampton to Dudley Corridor

  • Upgrade of signals to provide bus priority and  improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists at Dudley Road/ Parkfield Road

The proposal will request £0.895M of capital funding for parts of the two corridors located within Wolverhampton. The Council’s financial commitments constitute a total of £0.310M match funding for infrastructure measures.

  1. Training Report

RB gave an update on behalf of SS for August to October:

Bikeability Summer Scheme:

  • Ran for three weeks of summer holiday
  • Two days each week of level 1-2 Bikeability lessons – 83 children attended in total
  • One day each week of guided leisure ride – 70 children attended in total
  • Two half days each week of cycle maintenance – 33 children attended in total
  • Holiday course also run at Seventh Day Adventist Church Summer Scheme – 12 children attended
  • Bike track set up at West Mids Police Family Fun Day in West Park which was well attended


Training in schools started again in mid September and ran through until the end of October. It will now stop for the winter months and start again in March 2012.

Numbers trained: September

  • Level 1 off-road; 142 children
  • Level 2 on-road; 56 children

No figures yet available for October.

October Half Term:

  • Guided leisure ride planned with YMCA on Monday 24th
  • Dr Bike planned for event at St Christopher’s Park, Bushbury on Friday 28th

6.Infrastructure Group Report

(i) Some markings on ring road crossings have been carried out & others remain to be completed. RB needs to check which of following have been completed:

  • Signs at Molineux underpass

  • Broad Street junction, ring road – adjacent to Broad Street Car park and to BWB before railway bridge

  • Great Brickkiln Street/ ring road – lane markings completed either side, length in between lanes of ring road to be left unmarked

  • Bottom of Darlington Street at Chapel Ash Island

  • Worcester Street.

Action: Remaining markings still to be completed (RB)

(ii) Capital Programme for 2011/12:

  • Cycle parking due to start 24/10/11 at:

    • Bantock Park (adjacent to pavilion)

    • Bradmore Rec (two locations)

    • Pendeford Avenue shops (adj. no. 61 opp. top of Green Lane)

  • NCN Route 81 signing including detour at Evans St/ Chester St: signs have been ordered & awaiting arrival. Due to start by end of year

  • Penn Road – shared footway cycle facilities Lea Road to Penn Road Island: legal adverts under way with view to commencing in New Year

  • Oak Street/ Great Brickkiln Street – dropped kerbs and cycle cut through: as with Penn Road, adverts under way with view to start in New Year

(iii) Infrastructure Group will be reconvened when required.

7.Marketing/ Promotions Report

Nothing to report.

8. Major Schemes

(i) i54 – details were requested of cycle access to site from Wobaston Road/ canal & north side
Action: Details to be provided for next meeting (RB)
(ii) Metro – nothing to report
(iii) Three supermarket proposals – it was requested that cycle parking be constructed in accessible locations, not out of the way as at Waitrose
Action: Pass on request for cycle parking in accessible locations (RB)

9. CTC Cycle Champions Project

  • BM reported that, in the last quarter, there had been 1,597 participants in Cycle Champions activities, including cycle festivals in Wolverhampton and Sandwell, 398 of which were returners. 325 voluntary hours had been given.

  • BM had participated in Carver’s Marathon with disabled riders.

  • Another 20 adults have been trained by CH, all funded by WCC.

  • Short Breaks project for children with learning disabilities. Children from Westcroft School were taken mountain bike training on Cannock Chase three times and 15 children then went on a weekend trip to Snowdonia.

  • BM also working with disabled bikes with groups from Shropshire & Cannock.

  • BMX track at Aldersley High School has been started and is due for completion soon.

  • Donations in memory of Pete Rollings had bought a new cycle for the disability fleet.

  • A new maintenance course for youngsters is starting

  • BM has five months left and is starting to think about the sustainability of the groups and the future management and use of the disability cycles at Aldersley HS.

LS advised a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) is being established to offer cycle-related activities and sports & fitness. It is hoped that it can manage the recycle bike scheme.

10. Wolves on Wheels Report

DW reported that WoW had recently held its AGM and had given full support to the proposed infrastructure works.

He also advised that his employer, Goodrich, had recently held a global cycling competition including commuter miles and static cycling. Unfortunately most employees who cycle to Goodrich do so illegally using a one-way section of carriageway and the footway. Is improved access to Goodrich and other adjacent employers to be an important aspect of Vine Island?

David Wilson is now WoW Secretary.

11. Sustrans Liaison

SY introduced himself as the new Sustrans Liaison Ranger in place of DW. He and the group thanked DW for his work in the role.

The area meeting is forthcoming at the Friends’ Meeting House with volunteers and the Area Manager. They will be looking at a number of issues including Codsall to Bilbrook.

SY asked whether WCC has replacement bands to secure signs in stock and if so whether WCC could let Sustrans have some?

Action: RB to investigate supply of replacement bands to Sustrans.
Action: RB to write to DW and thank him for his work on behalf of the Forum’s chair.

12. Any Other Business

(i) RB advised that a City Centre Vision was being developed and he would advise the Forum further when information was available.

(ii) WS had attended a Local Neighbourhood Partnership (LNP) meeting at the NEW Academy (formerly Pendeford High School). Cycling from Marsh lane to Pendeford lane at night had proved difficult due to lack of lighting. As opposed to providing street lighting, is it possible to paint white stones along the path boundary to help define it at night?

Action: WS to send RB details

(iii) BA asked what has happened to the skate park at Penn Road Island.

Action: RB to enquire

(iv) DH enquired about the DfT trials of alternative signing schedules including ‘No Entry excluding cycles’. Are WCC planning to trial these?

Action: RB to enquire

(v) SW informed the Forum about the bike shed at Bradmore Rec where cycle repairs and recycling took place on alternate Saturday mornings. This had been started by Pete Rollings and both CH & LS had been involved. The initiative is now self-sustaining.
13. Cycle Forum Meetings for 2012

Meetings were agreed for the following Thursdays in 2012, all to be held at the Cycle Training Centre, Aldersley High School:

  • 26 January
  • 26 April
  • 19 July
  • 18 October

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