The Friends Meeting House,

Summerfield Road, (near West Park), Wolverhampton WV1 1UK

Wednesday 18th January 2012


6.30 pm



1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson.

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Steve Spencer (SS); David Holman (DH).
Apologies received: Rob Marris; John Goldring.

3. Minutes of last meeting
Campaign Meeting part: Agreed a true record. There were no matters arising.
AGM part: The minutes were found to be accurate. Of the deferred items, it was agreed to discuss the question of website, online content and information.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Three infrastructure items notified by DH: Vine Island, Greenfield Lane bridge, list of suggestions for infrastructure improvements.

5. Sainsbury’s Supermarket Raglan Street
It was agreed to raise this matter at the next Wolverhampton Cycle Forum on 26 January 2012. There is probably scope for further pressure to be exerted during the remaining planning process.

6. Campaign priorities for 2012
The five existing campaign priorities were reviewed:

a. Cycling Officer: JB to contact Beccy Marston (BM) (Cycle Champion) and discuss the prospects for the future of her post and its development into a Cycling Officer.

b. Increasing membership: JB took the view that the social side was being promoted mainly through WolvesBUG, whilst campaigning was being done through the Forum and possible development of relations with the Cycle Champion. JB would also discuss with BM the shared interest in getting more local cyclists to join groups.

c. NCN81: The signing of the Cross-City Route was promised for December 2011. DW will contact Steve Young (Liaison Ranger) for news of progress.

d. Forum: It was agreed that WOWCC will compile a list of challenging topics to be suggested as a focus for future Forums.

e. Health and Rides: A ride promoting health through cycling, in memory of the late Peter Rollings, was suggested by JB. She will include this in discussions with BM. This can also be raised at the next Forum.

7. Information and publicity
JB will contact Steve Young to progress the action from the AGM for them to review the website and other online facilities. The Information Officer post is left in abeyance as there is little prospect of filling it at present.

8. Reports:

Ranger group: No report.

Treasurer: SS reported that there was no activity in the bank account for this quarter. CTC had confirmed receipt of the cheque for £50 (affiliation including insurance), which would appear on the next statement.


DW had reviewed membership and subscription records and compiled a new spreadsheet. The current membership size is 28 as listed, but “family” memberships imply a second adult member, so the effective size may be quoted as 36. Subscriptions are recorded for 3 years (2010, 2011 and 2012).

Contact policy: E-mail addresses had now been obtained for all members. From now on DW would only use e-mail for distributing information to the membership. Current collection of subscriptions: Rob Marris had requested to change his status from “honorary” to “family” and paid a subscription for 2012. DW passed cheques and cash received so far to SS.

Chair’s report on 2011: JB presented her report which was accepted by the meeting with minor amendments. See Annex B.

9. Correspondence
DW had received a letter from Unity Trust Bank confirming him as a signatory to the bank account; also a letter of thanks from the Forum for his period as Liaison Ranger.

10. Any other Business

a. Vine Island (A449/Wobaston Road/Bee Lane): DH had attended a meeting on 29 December 2011 with WCC planning officers to discuss the new plans. These reduce the cost from a possible £100M for a crossing with traffic signals to £30M for a more normal roundabout replacing the current elongated lozenge. The provision of toucans and other features is seen as the best available solution for cyclists. This plan will be presented at the next Forum.

b. Greenfield Lane railway underbridge: DH was in discussion with WCC about the difficulties here with narrow carriageway, poor sight lines and dismount signs.

c. Suggestions for infrastructure improvements: Chris Barker had requested WOWCC to submit a list of suggestions for the next capital expenditure plan. This list (compiled outside the meeting) is at Annex C.

11. Next regular meeting
Wednesday 18 April 2012, 6.30 pm at Friends Meeting House.


Annex B

Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign –Chair’s Report for 2010-2011
Campaign Meeting 18.01.2012

Chair’s Summary:
Essentially a quiet year, marked in January 2011 by the sad loss of Pete Rollings, Cycle Instructor/Trainer with Wolverhampton Council and a key cycling advocate in the city.
More positive notes were the agreed continuation of the campaign and contributions to the Cycle Forum. The wider cycling context in Wolverhampton has improved regarding cycle training, albeit not yet reflected by wider provision of infrastructure.

Route NCN 81 was now further towards completion on signing. Supermarket planning applications/developments at Raglan Street (Sainsbury’s) and Cleveland Street/Royal Hospital (Tesco) had been scrutinised by Mike Jenkins, Dave Holman and Alastair Hopkins. Letters to Sainsbury’s/council officers had been written by them and Campaign Chair Julia Brant, to press home the need for adequate accommodation of cyclists’ needs, both in provision of static furniture and appropriate approach routes.

The online planning application facility via the Council’s website was felt to be an advance in keeping track of planning applications which might impact on cycling.

Membership & Officers:
Membership has stayed relatively static at approximately 30 members. The new Campaign & Membership Secretary reviewed subscriptions and is due to report back.

Officers: At the 2011 AGM Julia Pursehouse resigned the role of Secretary and Membership Secretary which she undertook for the previous 3 years, and the Campaign would like to thank her and express appreciation for all the time and effort given on its behalf. David Wilson kindly volunteered to stand for the post and was duly elected.

Likewise thanks and appreciation are due to Mike Jenkins, who resigned the Information & Archive Officer position at the AGM, for all time and effort expended on publicity, information and collecting related press articles. Mike organised all publicity for events such as Bike Week and set up a Facebook page for WoW.

It was agreed at the AGM to shift the emphasis on publicity more onto online content and therefore the archiving dimension would be dropped from any campaign post titles.

It was felt at the AGM that there were good reasons to continue with the Campaign, albeit with some depletion of officer posts. There was continuing need to work with the Cycle Forum and Wolverhampton Council, and ground to explore with Wolves BUG (Bicycle Users Group).


Annex C


18 January 2012

Wolves On Wheels Cycle Campaign offers the following suggestions for cycle infrastructure:

Contraflows or exemptions on one way streets [No entrance except cyclists]
(Trial one or two first)

Lord Street southbound; also exemption through plug between two parts
Wilson Street - Carvers from Stafford Street - good trial site
Walsall St Bilston, to access Lichfield St
Cleveland St
Cartwright St

Shared use on pavements of parts of Ring Road

St Georges, St Davids, Bilston St Island, St Patricks. Toucan crossings and NCN81 already in place. Good high visibility scheme with limited engineering.

Shared use on pedestrian snickets in Penn

Coton Road to Westminster Ave
Butts Road to Swan Bank

Re-paint surface markings

Cyclists right turn Temple St to Worcester St

Permit cyclists right turn

Lichfield St to Princess St

Provide legitimate cycle link

Rosemary Avenue to Goldthorn Hill

Cycle exemption through plug

All Saints Road
Hardon Road to Dunden Drive - old GKN site - small road plug.

Remove Cycle Bypass - Oxley Moor Road - useless

Access gates - W'ton environmental centre entrance and Valley park route off Westacre Crescent - non DDA compliant and awful for cycling


DOC can be downloaded here
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