Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

West Midlands Cycle Training Centre, Aldersley High School, Barnhurst Lane, Wolverhampton
Minutes of Meeting held on 26th January 2012 @ 6.00pm


Ric Bravery (RB) Wolverhampton City Council –Transportation
Sarah Shepherd (SS) Wolverhampton City Council -Transportation
Jennifer Cromie (JC) Wolverhampton Resident (Chair)
Beccy Marston (BM) Cyclists’ Touring Club Cycle Champion
Chris Hopkins (CH) Wolverhampton City Council - Cycle Instructor
Lee Sicilia (LS) Wolverhampton City Council - Cycle Instructor
Paul Middleton (PM) Keen cyclist!
Bob Amer (BA) Local Resident
Julia Brant (JB) Wolves on Wheels
George Reiss (GR) WREN
Marcus Asbury (MA) Wolverhampton City Council - Sports Development
Steve Young (SY) Sustrans/ Cyclist
Win Sutton (WS) Local Resident
David Holman (DH) Wolves on Wheels/ CTC
San Worrall (SW) Cyclist

  1. Apologies

David Wilson (DW) Wolves on Wheels/Sustrans
Brian Templar Wolverhampton Resident
John Harris British Waterways Board

2.Minutes of Last Meeting (20th October 2011)

Agreed as an accurate record.

3.Matters Arising

  1. Item 3 (iv) – RB had passed on BA’s complaint which was under investigation.
  2. Item 11 RB had investigated provision of replacement bands for signs to Sustrans. He was advised that a specialist tightening tool was also required to fit the bands
  3. Item 12. (i) City centre Vision information has been circulated by RB.
  4. Item 12. (iii) RB advised that the skate park at Penn Road Island may close temporarily during construction due to restricted access but will not be relocated and will otherwise stay open.
  5. Item 12. (iv) RB advised that trialing of DfT alternative signing schedules was under review.

4. Training Report

SS reported on Bikeability for October to January:

  • Cycle Training has taken a break for the winter months
  • Westcroft have howe.ver continued training, to Level 1 before and Level 2 after Christmas. Also doing a special cycle course at Boldings Pool near Bridgnorth
  • A number of primary & secondary schools are booked for March onwards. Virtually all secondary schools have booked or are in the process of doing so
  • Independent Schools have been invited and the Islamic Prep school have booked
  • Several special schools have also booked

5.Infrastructure Group Report

From last meeting:

(i) Some markings on ring road crossings have been carried out & others delayed. RB still pursuing:

  • Signs at Molineux underpass
  • Broad Street junction, ring road – adjacent to Broad Street Car park and to BWB before railway bridge
  • Great Brickkiln Street/ ring road – lane markings completed either side, length in between lanes of ring road to be left unmarked
  • Bottom of Darlington Street at Chapel Ash Island
  • Worcester Street.

Action: Remaining markings still to be completed (RB)

(ii) Capital Programme for 2011/12:

  • Cycle parking completed at:
    • Bantock Park (adjacent to pavilion)
    • Bradmore Rec (two locations)
    • Pendeford Avenue shops (adj. no. 61 opp. top of Green Lane)

  • NCN Route 81 signing including detour at Evans St/ Chester St: mostly complete & will be by end of January

Action: Some of signage is pointing wrong way (RB to report)

  • Penn Road –legal adverts complete and due to be done shortly
  • Oak Street/ Great Brickkiln Street – as with Penn Road

(iii) A list of requested cycle parking locations has been circulated with a request for any suggestions for:

  • further locations
  • which of these are priorities or
  • any other infrastructure suggestions

Comments received directly from Alistair Hopkins & others are already included for consideration.

(iv) GR reported that the Hordern Road ramp is now complete.

6.Marketing/ Promotions Report

Nothing to report.

7. Major Schemes

(i) City Centre Vision

RB had spoken to relevant officer and reported that the comments received would be taken into account in the final Vision.
There was a discussion about the Vision including the issue of car parking.
The Forum concluded they would like a further discussion at future meeting.

Action: Speaker to be invited to a future meeting of the Forum (RB)

(ii) West Midlands Local Sustainable Transport Fund Bid

RB reported that this had been submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) in December and a result was expected in July 2012.

Action: Link to the bid on Centro’s website to be circulated (RB)


(iii) RB provided plans of the three supermarket proposals and cycle provision was discussed. It was agreed by the Forum that there was a need for:

  • additional provision at Sainsbury’s, outside the main entrance by the shared crossing across the ring road.
  • Provision here and at other supermarkets for freight cycles/ trailers to be parked

Action: Request that these be provided to be passed on (RB)

(iv) i54 – RB provided a plan and explained that he was investigating the provision of cycle and pedestrian access to the site. It was unclear whether the routes from the parallel bridleway and towpath either side of the site were for pedestrians only or also for cyclists.

Action: Further details to be provided for next meeting (RB)

(v) Broad Street/ Ring Road Junction

RB advised that, as part of the Interchange work, the dropped kerb providing access to the shared footway & ring road crossings had been removed at the bottom of Broad Street/ Fryer Street. This had been an oversight and RB circulated plans showing a new dropped crossing proposed in a new location to provide such access. There was support from the Forum for this proposal.

8. CTC Cycle Champions Project

BM reported that there had been little activity over the Christmas break and the project was winding down as it was due to end at 31 March 2012 and she was likely to be made redundant.

There was appreciation from the Forum for BM’s work, including a formal than you from the Chair, and support for attempts to continue her post.

Actions: Letters of support to Cllr Bilson to be written by Wolves on Wheels (JB) & Forum (RB/JC)

9. Wolves on Wheels Report

JB/ DH advised that WoW is continuing its activities with five main strategic areas identified to focus upon. The social side has been devolved to WolvesBUG.

WoW has had a fairly quiet year and would like to discuss with the Forum where it would like to be in terms of cycling in 5-10 years & develop a strategy.

Action: WoW to provide RB with suggestions for discussion (JB).

10. Sustrans Liaison

SY advised activity was quiet due to the time of year. He had held a meeting with Henry Harbord from Sustrans & discussed a number of issues including NCN R81 signing. SY was waiting for the signage to be completed.

There was a discussion about whether it was worth renumbering the section of R81 along the Birmingham Mainline Canal from Wolverhampton Station to Autherley Junction, leaving the cross-City route as the designated route. There was support from the majority of those present for this proposal.

11. Any Other Business

(i) RB advised that the BMX track at Aldersley High School would be officially opened at 2pm on Thursday 9 February and be named the Rollings Racetrack in honour of Pete Rollings.

(ii) DH raised the issue of ‘Cycle Dismount’ signs which had been erected on Greenfield Road beneath the railway bridge. RB explained these were aimed at cyclists on the footway due to its width and poor forward visibility. There had been a number of incidents involving pedestrians and cyclist.

Action: WCC to review signing and relevant regulations (CB)

(iii) BA repeated his concerns about the condition of the Meccano Bridge in the Smestow Valley LNR and there was a discussion about its relationship to the other ideas for work in the Smestow Valley.

13. Cycle Forum Meetings for 2012

All Thursdays at the Cycle Training Centre, Aldersley High School:

  • 26 April
  • 19 July
  • 18 October

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