The Friends Meeting House,
8b Summerfield Road (near West Park), Wolverhampton WV1 1UK
Wednesday 18th April 2012
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting

The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson.


2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence

Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Steve Spencer (SS); Steve Young (SY).

Apology received: David Holman.


3. Minutes of last meeting

Agreed a true record.  Matters arising are covered in the Agenda.


4. Notification of Any Other Business

Penn Road resurfacing (DW).


5. Bike Week (16 – 24 June)

Notification of events planned by Wolverhampton City Council (WCC) is expected at the next Forum on 26th April.  WOWCC hopes to have a presence at events, and to contribute rides to the programme.


6. Campaign priorities for 2012: Actions from January 2012 discussion

a. Cycling Officer and b. Increasing membership: No further action to report.

c. NCN81: New signing has appeared on the Cross-City Route, but it is not yet clear whether it has reached completion. SY will find out the status of this project, and also seek an update on canal towpaths and the route through Codsall.

d. Forum: WOWCC will propose that the Forum should adopt a major topic to focus its activities. “A Strategic Plan for Cycling” is suggested.  It is hoped to agree at the next Forum on 26th April that discussion should be launched in July.  JB as Chair of WOWCC is willing to lead in a facilitating role.

JB circulated a list of strategic points for consideration at a future Forum (probably July) as per request of Ric Bravery at last Forum meeting.  These were discussed at length.

e. Health and rides: No further action to report.

7. Birmingham public meeting

This meeting on the theme “Should Birmingham have a mayor?” was recently attended by SY.  There were major contributions by speakers from Cambridge and London cycle campaigns. The overall topic remained unresolved, but there was enlightening discussion on how cities can develop cycling strategy.


8. Information and publicity

Ways and means for an overhaul of the WOWCC website were discussed.  SY will contact David Holman and obtain a higher level log-in.  Details of the redesign will be worked out by SY and JB.  

A decision will be made on WOWCC leaflets for Bike Week when details of events are known (prospectively at the next Forum on 26th April).  JB, SY and DW agreed to be responsible for any expenditure and submit it to the Treasurer (SS).


9. Reports:

Cycle Forum:  The draft minutes from January 2012 were examined.

Ranger group: (SY) Issues are emerging from the Cross-City signing of NCN81. SY needs to inspect the route to establish if there are incorrect signs.  There has been 3-way agreement (WCC, Sustrans, BW) that NCN81 from Hordern Road to Aldersley should be moved from the Railway Walk to the canal towpath. When WCC and BW have achieved the required standard, Sustrans will contribute a share of the cost.  The original Main Line canal route from city centre to Aldersley canal junction (currently still 81) will definitely be re-numbered to distinguish it from the Cross-City Route. 

Treasurer: (SS) The balance of the bank account at 31 March 2012 is £518.28.  Transactions since January consist of £68.00 member subscriptions paid in, and £50.00 subscription to CTC paid out.

Membership: (DW) No further 2012 subscriptions have been received since January. The meeting requested DW to send a reminder to members who have not yet paid and report back.


10. Correspondence

None received by Secretary or Chair.


11. Any other business

Penn Road resurfacing: DW reported that a stretch of Penn Road had recently been resurfaced including three traffic light junctions (Church Hill, Pinfold Lane and Hollybush Lane) but no ASLs were included.  DW will enquire of Chris Barker whether ASLs were considered for these junctions.

Lichfield Street bus stops: SY registered concern that the new positioning of bus stops in Lichfield Street for No. 1 buses presented a hazard for cyclists.


11. Next regular meeting

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 6.30 pm at Friends Meeting House.


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