The Friends Meeting House,
8b Summerfield Road (near West Park), Wolverhampton WV1 1UK
Wednesday 11th July 2012
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson.

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Steve Spencer (SS); Sandra Worrall (Member of Forum).
Apologies received: Rob Marris; Steve Young.

3. Minutes of last meeting
Agreed a true record. Matters arising are covered in the Agenda.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Social Rides (DW).

5. Information and publicity
In the absence of an officer dedicated to this area, ideas will be developed from within the committe. SS indicated that he had received a letter from CTC offering web facilities for affiliated organizations. The meeting noted that this might be worth further investigation.

6. Reports:
Cycle Forum: The draft minutes from April 2012 (Paras 5 and 12) show an intention for WOWCC to lead a discussion on cycle strategy for Wolverhampton. It was agreed that JB would propose to the next Forum (19 July) that ideas should be gathered at this stage, but the best way of conducting the detailed discussion should be a subgroup which would meet separately and informally, and draft a document to present to a later Forum.
Ranger group: DW had been informed by SY that there was nothing urgent to report to the WOWCC meeting. SY would be reporting to the Forum on 19 July.
Treasurer: (SS) There had been no transactions since the last meeting. The balance of the bank account at 30 June 2012 is £518.28. Affiliation to Cyclenation had fallen due in May, and SS was authorized to pay £20.00.
Membership: (DW) As instructed, DW had sent a reminder on unpaid 2012 subscriptions to 11 members. There had been replies from, or conversations with, three of these. After discussion, the following was agreed: Investigation of Standing Orders continues with relevant banks. Members who indicate that they wish to resign will be removed from the list. Members for whom no information is available will be kept on the list under a new category of “Lapsed” until information is obtained. DW will contact again any members still outstanding, including a deadline for reply, and will then update the membership list accordingly.

7. Correspondence
None received by Secretary or Chair.

8. Any other business
Social Ride (DW). DW had been discussing this with Alastair Hopkins. Social Rides (under the name of WOWCC) on the second Friday of the month are now being arranged by WolvesBUG members by exchange of emails as is normal in WolvesBUG. The monthly automated reminder posted in WolvesBUG (Yahoo) appears no longer relevant, as the start from Queen Square led by a WOWCC representative no longer happens. At the same time, WOWCC is no longer organizing any rides at all. This is seen as entirely legitimate, as WolvesBUG was originally set up to take over the rides side of the activity.
The meeting agreed that it would be appropriate to re-name this monthly event “WolvesBUG Social Ride” and to cancel the monthly automated reminder in Yahoo, subject to agreement by WolvesBUG.
DW will post in WolvesBUG suggesting this change. Responses by WolvesBUG members will be available to view in Yahoo. DW will also report back to the next WOWCC meeting.

11. Next regular meeting
Wednesday 10 October 2012, 6.30 pm at Friends Meeting House. This will include AGM and regular campaign meeting.

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