The Friends Meeting House,
8b Summerfield Road (near West Park), Wolverhampton WV1 1UK
Wednesday 10th October 2012
6.30 pm


It was not possible to hold an AGM at this session, due to lack of a quorum. Arrangements for a deferred AGM are shown at the end of these Minutes.

(Paragraph numbers in the minutes do not directly follow those in the Agenda as they are taken from both parts. See Annex A).

1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson.

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Steve Spencer (SS).
Apologies received: Rob Marris; Julia Pursehouse.

3. Minutes of last meeting
Agreed a true record.
Matters arising: Para 8 (AOB) Social Ride:
DW had posted on WolvesBUG as agreed. Replies from WolvesBUG members mainly showed agreement for transferring the ride to WolvesBUG. The monthly reminder in the Yahoo website will be retained but in an amended form.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Wellington Road, Bilston (SS).

5. Correspondence

6. Campaign priorities for the current year: Progress reports
The meeting noted that strategic ideas had been introduced into the Forum, and research was continuing into membership contacts to keep the list updated.

7. Information and publicity
There were currently no items to discuss.

8. Reports:
Cycle Forum: As proposed at the last meeting, a sub-group was set up at the July 2012 Forum to develop strategic ideas for cycling in Wolverhampton. This sugroup held a meeting on 12th September. Conflicting views arose as to whether this subgroup should concentrate solely on the “Times Manifesto” (Cities Fit For Cycling) or follow the original plan for strategic development proposed by WOWCC. This is still unresolved, and it will be necessary to define the remit of the subgroup at the next Forum on 18th October.
Ranger Group: No report.

9. Any other business
Wellington Road, Bilston (SS). SS had corresponded with WCC about the proposed road design at this site in 2009. After a lengthy interval he had received further plans and was about to submit further comments on the defects he had found. SS’s comments will be available for WOWCC to consider.

10. Next regular meeting
Wednesday 16 January 2013. This assumes the proposed dates for Forum meetings in 2013 are adopted.

At the end of the meeting DW proposed that an AGM should be held at a later date after a quorum had been assured through promises to attend from sufficient members. This AGM is expected to be on Wednesday 24th October, at the Combermere Arms, Chapel Ash, 7.30pm. (Membership to be notified).


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