The Combermere Arms

90 Chapel Ash

Wolverhampton WV3 0TY

Wed 24TH October 2012


Paragraph numbers follow those of the Agenda (Annex A).

This meeting was deferred from Wednesday 10th October 2012

1. Appointment of Chair for Meeting
Julia Brant was appointed to chair the meeting, and David Wilson to take the Minutes.

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Present: Julia Brant (JB), David Wilson (DW), Steve Spencer (SS), Steve Young (SY), David Nicholson (DN), Mike Jenkins (MJ), Alastair Hopkins (AH).
James Avery (visitor from Coventry), Nick Squires (new member).
Apologies: Sheena Jenkins, David Holman.

3. Minutes of last AGM
(a) Accuracy
The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were accepted as a true record.
(b) Matters arising

4. Review of Wolves on Wheels Structure
JB put forward the view that the Campaign needed to be re-launched, after a period of declining activity. A more proactive approach should be adopted towards Wolverhampton City Council (WCC), and a larger and more active membership should be developed. To this end an officer was needed who would promote these aims under the title “Publicity Officer”. This was agreed by the meeting.
5. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair: Julia Brant (nominated SY, seconded DW)
It was agreed that an alternative chair would be appointed for any meeting where the campaign Chair was not available.
Treasurer: Steve Spencer (nominated DW, seconded JB)
Secretary and Membership Secretary: David Wilson (nominated JB, seconded SS). It was agreed that these two posts should continue to be combined.
Publicity Officer: Steve Young (nominated JB, seconded DW).
Definition for the new officer post: To promote the campaign, its objectives, activities and membership. This officer will make use of any available media, which will include online activities and the WOWCC website.
SY also remains Liaison Ranger for the Sustrans Ranger Group.

6. Chair’s Report
Not available for the meeting. JB will write a brief report on 2011-2012 and circulate via the Secretary (DW).

7. Treasurer’s Report
The accounts presented by the Treasurer (SS) were adopted. (Annex B). The Auditor’s Statement is at Annex C.
SS requested the meeting’s approval to pay for the evening’s refreshments out of Campaign funds (£16.50). This was agreed.

8. Membership Secretary’s Report
During 2011-2012 DW had investigated the existing membership list and had updated the details for many of the listed members who had lost contact. All of those members who were re-contacted were willing to renew and pay subscriptions. In 2012, 17 listed members had been liable for a subscription, and 10 subscriptions had been collected. The remaining 7 will either renew and pay for 2013, or be re-classified as “lapsed”.
The membership list currently stands at 27, rising to 28 with the new member Nick Squires who joined at the meeting.

9. Review of Subscription Rates
The meeting agreed to keep the singe membership at £7 and the family membership at £10. The exempt rate of zero was also retained for Sustrans Rangers and honorary members. A new rate “unwaged and student” was introduced at £5, replacing the old “unwaged £2” rate which had fallen out of use.
10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings
No change to the timing of regular campaign meetings, quarterly in the week before Cycle Forum meetings. Extraordinary meetings may also be called for specific purposes, provided 7 days notice is given to the membership. These meetings may be more informal than campaign meetings, but a record of decisions will be taken and made public.
If online discussions are developed as part of the new promotional activity, participants will post as individuals, aiming to arrive at a consensus for each strand of argument, with a disclaimer stating that such a consensus is not Campaign policy until ratified at a formal meeting.
JB proposed that the next two campaign meetings (2 January and 17 April 2013) should be held at the Combermere Arms with refreshments. DW undertook to inform the Friends Meeting House of this, and maintain contact to keep the option of a return to that venue open.

11. Campaigns and Events for Next Season.
Three priorities were identified:
Long term: To create a Wolverhampton vision for cycling.
Medium term: To campaign for WCC to adopt as policy that all planning should include a cycling dimension and consultation with cyclists.
Short term: To mount a robust response to the current plans for the city centre and Penn Island, which appear to neglect cycling. This is likely to be the subject of Extraordinary meetings.

Annex A


The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY
Wednesday 24th October 2012
7.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of last AGM (October 2011): Accuracy and Matters Arising
4. Review of Wolves On Wheels structure
What officers does the Campaign need?
5. Election of Officers
Campaign Chair
Membership Secretary
Other (if agreed at Item 4)
6. Chair’s Report
7. Treasurer’s Report
8. Membership Secretary’s Report
9. Review of subscription rates
10. Review of Campaign Business Meetings: Purpose, time, venue, frequency
11. Campaigns and events for next season

Annex B in full .DOC file.

Annex C

Auditors Statement:

I have checked the documentation laid before me and belief the accounts have been properly prepared and give a true and fair view of the organisations finances for the year to September 2012.

Auditors Recommendations:

1) A membership registry to list with name and address all existing members of the organisation.
2) Setting of annual membership fee at a level where the organisation benefits and the members are not overburdened
3) Collection of membership fee from all listed members annually
4) Setting the goals of the organisation with the view of making use of the funds received.

Date: 2nd October 2012
Name and Address: EDITH A. BAYLEY
9 Legge Street Wolverhampton

DOC can be downloaded here
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