The Combermere Arms
90 Chapel Ash
Wolverhampton WV3 0TY

Wednesday 5th December 2012



Purpose of Meeting:
To discuss content for a strategic document on cycling in Wolverhampton for the next decade.
There was no Agenda, and this Record is not a formal set of minutes.

Julia Brant (JB) (Chair); David Wlson (DW) (Minutes); Mike Jenkins (MJ); Steve Spencer (SS); Steve Young (SY); David Holman (DH); Jon Rice (JR); Phil Passmore (PP)(member of WolvesBUG).

Introduction by Chair:
JB provided copies of a draft for the strategic document. The meeting would discuss the city centre traffic proposals and work out how to include them as part of a wider strategic plan.

Reports from other recent meetings:
Meeting on 23rd November involving Wolverhampton City Council (WCC), Sustrans and CTC.
Report by SY: Others present had included David Holman (CTC Right to Ride Rep); Beccy Marston (CTC Cycle Champion); Henry Harbord (Sustrans); Tim Philpot (WCC).
There was detailed discussion of the proposed “main circuit” of one-way streets in the city centre, and the prospects for cycle contraflows. WCC would consider conceding a cycle contraflow on Lichfield Street. There was concern about dangerously sited parking bays near cycle contraflows (eg. Cleveland Street).

Meeting on 1st December between representatives of WOW and Cyclenation.
Report by JB: JB and SY had participated from WOW. The main point to emerge was the growing interest from national cycling organizations and from other parts of the UK.

“Going Dutch” event on 4th December in Birmingham.
Report by SY: Presentations by Dutch consultants to an audience drawn from cycling interests in the West Midlands. (1) Historical account of change in Amsterdam away from car domination to needs of people from 1950s to present. (2) Road engineer’s presentation on the design of infrastructure.

General discussion on how to frame the strategic document:
It was recognized that WCC had three important stated goals: Regeneration, Social Inclusion, and Health. A coherent plan for cycling could contribute to all three of these. In addition, WCC had itself produced a cycling strategy in 2005 (as the result of a Scrutiny Panel), where there was strong emphasis on developing a joined-up network. The new strategic document from WOW should make direct and constructive reference to these existing initiatives.

Way forward:
Consultation on proposals for city centre traffic: SS will compose a response from WOW.
New WOW strategic document: JB will further develop the initial draft, based on discussion at this meeting and comments to be received from participants.
Both of these activities will proceed in parallel. In the case of the city centre consultation, there is a deadline of 25 January 2013 for submission of responses.

WOW business:
The meeting decided to hold the next campaign meeting on Wednesday 16th January 2013, even though the next Cycle Forum has been brought forward to 10th January. It is intended to ratify both of the documents in their final form at that meeting.

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