The Lych Gate Tavern
Off Queen Square
Wednesday 16th January 2013
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Steve Spencer (SS); David Clare; Chris Terrell (new member); David Nicholson; Mike Jenkins (MJ); David Holman (DH); Phil Passmore (PP); Jon Rice; Mike Hughes; Alastair Hopkins (AH).
No apologies were received.

3. Minutes of last meeting: Accuracy and Matters Arising
The minutes of 10 October 2012 were agreed a true record.
Matters arising: Para 9 AOB, Wellington Road, Bilston.
It is intended that some members will inspect the site when riding to look at propsed cycle routes, and will report back.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Penn Road Island (DW)
Community Information website (DW)
ASL’s at junction of Railway Drive and Pipers Row (SY).

5. WOW response to city centre proposals
The final draft as presented by SS was accepted, after noting that some extra points submitted by DH were already covered in general terms. The text will now be given its final form, signed in hard copy by JB and DW, and submitted to WCC together with an electronic copy.
The meeting thanked SS for his work in compiling this response.

6. WOW Strategic Document for Wolverhampton
A draft current at 16 January 2013 had been circulated to members. JB asked members to study the document as drafted so far, and provide any examples of good practice they may know, which could usefully be inserted. It is hoped to complete and submit to WCC early in February.
7. Reports:
Cycle Forum: DW reported on the discussions at the Forum on 10 January. Most of the meeting was taken up with a detailed presentation by Ian Hipkiss (WCC) on the city centre proposals. The next Forum is due on Thursday 25 April. SY pointed out that a major event “Cycle City Expo” is taking place in Birmingham on 25-28 April (25 and 26 are conference days).
Action: JB to contact Tim Philpot and discuss change of forum date or possible coordination with this event.
Ranger group: SY intends to put up some ranger signs on NCN81 in Codsall. This may take place in March.
Treasurer: SS reported the bank account balance at £468.78 on 31 December 2012. Since then he had received £41.00 in subscriptions. Two expense claims were approved: £15.00 to DW for sandwiches at the Combermere Arms, and £28.90 to JB for costs of visit to Cheltenham.
Membership: DW reported that 3 members found on the membership list inherited in 2011 had been re-classified as “lapsed”, as all contact had failed. The active list now stands at 26, with contacts expected to be maintained. Following a general request for payment of subscriptions on 14 December 2012, payments were being collected, with only a small minority now remaining.
Website and publicity: SY reported that there is now a new member application form online. The current hosting by Joomla continues, and a full backup copy of the website is being maintained in case of a future change of host. Any input may be sent to SY who will add it to the website. Alternatively, the Joomla log-ins with admin rights are still available for direct input.

8. Correspondence:
A letter from CTC offering discounts for individual associate memberships had been received by SS and passed to DW. The meeting agreed to decline this offer as there were already a number of full CTC members in the campaign.
Action: DW to reply to CTC.

9. Chair’s visit to Cheltenham
JB reported on her visit to Cheltenham on 18 December 2012 where she had met Cyclenation representatives and received useful information on good practice in cycle infrastructure and other matters. Her full report on the visit is available.
Action: DW to distribute the report to membership.

10. Staffs & Worcs Towpath and Railway Walk / Cooperation with WREN
MJ reported on progress of towpath improvements carried out by WREN (Wightwick Regis Enterprise Network). Stage 1 from Newbridge to I54 is complete; Stage 2 including Tettenhall railway station and Castlecroft is next. MJ asked whether WOW should be formally involved with WREN so as to participate in planning stage 2. It was agreed that MJ would collect views from members first. Subject to this, WOW would approach WREN offering participation.
Action: MJ to provide DW with request to members for distribution.

11. Any other Business
a. Penn Road Island: DW gave a brief summary so far of his continuing correspondence with Tim Philpot (Road Safety, WCC). The meeting also noted that a figure of £2 million was understood to have been spent on the alterations to the island which, whatever their traffic benefits, had severely affected cycling.
b. Tour de France: PP noted that the route for the TdF from Yorkshire to the south coast would pass through parts of Wolverhampton (not a start or finish). This should be an opportunity to promote cycling.
c. Community Information website: DW had received information from Wolverhampton Central Library that this new website was being set up in partnership with Dudley libraries. A link to WOW was already included. SY is making enquiries about registration for uploading information.
d. Cycle routes for Metro Corridor to Bilston: Gerwyn Owen (WCC) had invited WOW to participate in inspecting potential routes. DH and DW had arranged to ride with Gerwyn on Friday 25th January.
e. Junction of Railway Drive and Piper’s Row: SY had witnessed, and narrowly escaped from, dangerous driver behaviour at this junction where ASL’s had been provided but were being frequently ignored.
e. Vote of thanks to AH who had supplied sandwiches for the meeting.

12. Next regular meeting
Wednesday 17th April 2013. Venue to be arranged.

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