The Lych Gate Tavern
Off Queen Square
Wednesday 17th April 2013
6.30 pm


1. Agreement of Chair for meeting
The meeting was chaired by Julia Brant; minutes were taken by David Wilson

2. Attendance and Apologies for Absence
Attendance: Julia Brant, Chair (JB); David Wilson, Minutes (DW); Chris Terrell (CT); Rob Marris; Alastair Hopkins; Nick Squires; Steve Young (SY).
Apologies received: Steve Spencer; Phil Passmore; Maggie Nock; Mike Jenkins; David Nicholson; David Holman.

3. Minutes of last meeting: Accuracy and Matters Arising
The minutes of 16 January 2013 were agreed a true record.
Matters arising:
Para 5, WOW response to City centre proposals: Mike Jenkins had submitted comments via DW. These were noted, especially concerns over cycle contraflows on pavements, including condition and maintenance. Mike had started taking photographs of some existing facilities, proposing that a document should be compiled by WOW. DW will restore this item to the Agenda for future WOW meetings so that an ongoing response can be maintained.
Action: JB to contact Cllr Martin Waite to find out the timetable for WCC’s next procedures on the City Centre.
Para 7, Cycle Forum: Tim Philpot had re-scheduled the next Forum for Thursday 2nd May 2013.

4. Notification of Any Other Business
Speedwatch (JB)

5. WOW Strategic Document for Wolverhampton
JB reported that her work was continuing. The delay in producing this document is proving useful, since City Centre factors can be included. The final part is now to be written, and the document will make strong recommendations to WCC on what is needed for the future.
6. Reports:
Cycle Forum: As the previous forum was held on 10th January, before the last WOW meeting on 16th January, a detailed report had been given then. This was briefly summarized by JB for the benefit of this meeting.
Ranger group: SY had proceeded with ranger signs on NCN81, covering the section from Aldersley to Bilbrook. Codsall will follow shortly.
Treasurer: Steve Spencer had provided DW with a summary of transactions up to 31st March 2013. Credit brought forward at 31st December 2012 was £468.78. Credits received included subscriptions, direct to the bank account or cheques and cash passed by DW. The total of these is £77.50. Debits consist of two expense claims by members totalling £43.90. The bank balance at 31st March 2013 is £502.38.
Membership: DW reported that 3 new members had joined WOW via the new facility posted by SY on the website. Collection of subscriptions had proceeded successfully, with only 4 remaining unpaid. Of these, members failing to keep contact or pay subscriptions will be placed on the “lapsed” list.
DW had identified the need for a start-up document for new members, giving guidance as to how the campaign worked and what was available (such as WolvesBUG for rides). DW would continue developing this, together with SY for a website version. CT offered to put this document into graphic form for visual impact.
In addition, JB offered to send all newly joining members a Chair’s e-mail to welcome them to the campaign. Action: DW to provide JB with e-mail addresses of new members.
Website and publicity: SY reported that the website now has 220 followers on Twitter. The meeting also agreed that it would be prudent to migrate the website to a new host in the near future, authorizing SY to proceed with this if the initial and first-year cost was no more that £100. SY also reported that Mike Jenkins was training on Joomla 3.

7. Correspondence:
None to report.

8. Staffs & Worcs Towpath and Railway Walk / Cooperation with WREN
Mike Jenkins had provided DW with a report on some recent contacts. He had not received any ride reports from members. Comments from Ric Bravery (WCC) had included the use of deliberately rougher surfaces intended to slow down cyclists, which Mike considered misguided.
On the question of increasing WOW’s contacts with WREN, the meeting agreed that Mike should be encouraged to proceed. Action: DW to e-mail Mike.

9. Any other Business
a. Speedwatch: JB had attended training with a police team in Graiseley on the operation of Speedwatch technology. She recommended this to members who might wish to participate in their local areas. Action: DW to circulate to members and SY to post on website (subject to further detail from JB).
b. Birmingham initiatives: SY reported on two new initiatives in Birmingham: “Changing Gear” and “Birmingham Cycle Revolution”. These could both serve as good models for Wolverhampton in drawing up coherent recommendations for action and bidding for funds.

10. Next regular meeting
Wednesday 10th July 2013. It was agreed that the venue should be the Combermere Arms.

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