Wolverhampton Cycle Forum

Draft Minutes

Thursday 18 July 2013, 6pm

Members’ Suite, Committee Room 2
3rd Floor Wolverhampton Civic Centre


Jennifer Cromie, San Worrall, Chris Hopkins, David Wilson, Dave Clare, Mike Jenkins, Win Sutton, Nick Beavan, Tim Philpot, Steve Young (later part of meeting)

1. Apologies: Beccy Marston, Julia Brant, Neeraj Malhotra, Sarah Shepherd, Phillip Turner, Michael Blackshaw, Councillor Martin Waite

2. Minutes of the last meeting (3 May 2013)

3. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere)

a) What Matters Most campaign: This is a campaign developed and delivered by a multi-region group including the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership. The first phase of the campaign, based around posters/advan and website, was devised particularly to heighten awareness amongst both drivers of distraction and the possibility of harm to cyclists resulting. The second phase, due to be delivered in March 2014 will remind cyclists of the importance of being seen. More details will be available at the December meeting.
b) Midland Metro Extension consultation: The following responses are known to have been made to this:-
a) Shouldn’t there be a cycle lane the bridge?
b) Cyclists should not be compelled to cross tram lines if at all possible
c) No reference to NCN Route 81
d) No mention of cyclists
c) Smestow Valley path: Apparently this has been treated with a surface of large stone pieces. This is causing problems for cyclists, pushchair users and others, and it was asked if this can be improved by crushing down or by use of smaller stones. TP advised the surface was provided in this way to ensure drainage still worked, and it should wear down to a better position in 6-12 months. It was agreed to review this around December/new year.

4. Cyclist Training Report

TP gave details of a summary provided by SS identifying that in addition to Bikeability level 2 through schools, the Road Safety Team had also delivered level 1 training to Brownie Guide and Beaver Scout groups, level 3 training to older teenagers and adults, and through Easter Holiday courses. Further training was due to take to take place through Summer Holiday courses.

CH advised that Bikeright working on behalf of LSTF were offering adult cyclist training out of East Park.

5. Local Sustainable Transport Fund (WCC)

In addition to promotional schemes such as mentioned in the previous section, the LSTF is funding capital projects in specific transport corridors of the West Midlands . In Wolverhampton these are the A41 City Centre to Bilston and the A4123/A459 to the Dudley boundary. Principal schemes being delivered are off-road/quiet road cycle routes between Bilston and the City Centre. Wellington Road Safety Scheme was also funded through this.

6. City Centre Public Domain Developments

These are still in detailed design stage. The finalised designs will be made available when they have been completed.

7. Miscellaneous Infrastructure Items

Details of the following schemes were circulated to the membership:
Willenhall Road proposed Toucan crossing at Portobello Island
Highfields Road/Dudley Street new Signal Control – revised waiting restrictions
Childs Avenue 20 mph scheme & traffic calming
Walter Road 20 mph scheme, one way running & traffic calming
York Avenue 20 mph scheme & traffic calming

These were met with general approval although it was suggested that , “Thumps”, the narrow type of speed hump, were not popular amongst cyclists because of the shock caused by passing over them.

TP advised that the Council was looking to trial “Trixi” mirrors, e.g. mirrors positioned at junctions at a height where lorry drivers could see down the left side of their vehicles. This is in the light of a spate of incidents nationally where cyclists have been injured while positioned on the left of a left-turning lorry. The Forum was asked for suggestions as to where these might be needed. Junctions off Millfields Road and Penn Road/Stubbs Road junction were suggested. TP asked for any further suggestions to be forwarded by email.
TP asked if there were any further suggestions where secure cycle parking was needed. Molineux Stadium and Bentley Bridge were suggested. WOW agreed to discuss – asked for a list of what is already in place, what is projected and what is ruled out.

It was noted that the racks in the Civic Centre Members car park were not fixed down. Can they be fixed and can there be more?

TP to refer comments on, any further suggestions for cycle storage to be sent by email.

8. Cycle City Ambition Grant Bid

Wolverhampton joined a group of Black Country Local Authorities in submitting a bid to this fund. Although the deadline for an announcement was well overdue there had been no news either way on this matter.

9. Priorities for Cycling in Wolverhampton

Officers are now reviewing the Council’s Cycling Strategy and considering development of a fuller network of routes.

10. Sustrans

Still concerns over signing of NCN Route 81 particularly in Staffordshire

11. Wolves on Wheels

WOW Strategy for Cycling in Wolverhampton still in development. Expected soon.

12. Canals & Rivers Trust

JH was not present. It was noted that certain points on the Birmingham Mainline Canal, the towpath went through blind bends as it passed under bridges. This is obviously a hazard and it was queried whether the signage was adequate on these. It was also suggested Lancaster had installed speed reduction measures on its towpaths on the approach to such hazards. To be referred to JH

13. Any other business

JC recommends the Coventry Transport Museum as a good and free day out.

Ric Bravery wanted Forum members to know about the Council’s Sustainability Strategy and Implementation Plan, recently adopted.

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