February 2003

WOWcc Victory on Railways Thursday, February 27, 2003

Speed Cameras cut casualties Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Home Zones Sunday, February 2, 2003

WOWcc Victory on Railways Thursday, February 27, 2003

Transec and Virgin have agreed to install improved cycle parking at Wolverhampton Station.

As most of you know WOWcc met with Virgin Trains Station Manager (Tony Beamish)at Wolverhampton railway station just before Christmas to discuss the reinstatement of the cycle lockers and the general improvement of cycle parking to improve opportunities for bike-rail.

WoWcc came away from that meeting very encouraged. Tony Beamish understands the benefits of bike-rail promotion and was sympathetic to requests for improved facilities. Indeed, much to his credit, he had already ordered more stainless steel Sheffield racks (8) when we met with him and was seeking advice on where to install them.

He also took our point about the incomprehensible logic that lockers are not allowed on the forecourt because of the potential for terrorist bomb but short stay parking is and within metres of the station entrance and offices of the British Transport Police!

It seems that the lockers were removed on the orders of Virgin's Safety Officer who had gone somewhat overboard on her/his interpretation of the Transec guidelines! We are pleased to announce that virgin are to reinstate the lockers withing the entrance to the carpark.

Sheffield stands are to appear on platform 1 (to the right near wall as you approach platform 5) and under cover of CCTV. A resounding success... Congrats to all involved!



Speed Cameras cut casualties Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Deaths and serious injuries fell by 35% on roads where speed cameras have been in operation, Transport Secretary Alistair Darling announced today.

The findings come from an independent report of the two-year pilot scheme where eight areas were allowed to re-invest some of the money from speeding fines into the installation of more cameras and increased camera use.

The report found that: There was a 35% reduction in people killed or seriously injured (KSI) at camera sites, compared to long-term trend. This equates to about 280 people. There was a 14% reduction in personal injury accidents at camera sites, equating to about 510 fewer accidents.

There was a 56% reduction in the number of pedestrians being killed or seriously injured at camera sites.

There were 4% fewer people killed or seriously injured across the pilot areas. This equates to about 530 fewer people killed or seriously injured.

Average speed at all camera sites fell by 10% or 3.7mph.

Average speed at urban sites (30/40 mph areas) fell by 12-13%.

The number of vehicles speeding at camera sites dropped by 67%.

80% of people surveyed in the pilot areas agreed that cameras are meant to encourage drivers to keep to the speed limit, not to punish them. During the pilot the benefit to society through casualties saved is about £112 million.

The eight partnerships have invested around £20 million recovered from fines to spend on increased camera enforcement on dangerous roads. Source Dept of Transport



Home Zones Sunday, February 2, 2003

Many people may remember a time when a street was a place for socialising with neighbours and friends and where children could play out with friends.

Today the picture is very different with many of our streets dominated by cars and a general acceptance that streets are places simply for coming and going.

Well all of that is about to change with the introduction of Home Zones in the UK! Home Zones are commonplace in Europe and are streets where vehicles travel at about walking pace and where pedestrians and cyclists share the same space with motor traffic. Grey tarmac, once 'sterile' space occupied solely by traffic, is replaced with an environment consisting of trees, shrubs, and places for people to sit and for children to play.

In July 2001 the Government pledged to fund 100 new Home Zones in England as part of its commitment to improve the quality of life for local communities. The good news is that Wolverhampton has been awarded funding to implement Home Zones at Shelley Road, Browning Crescent, Kipling Road and Burns Avenue in Fordhouses! [how poetic]

These have been joined by a proposed homezone in BatmansHill Road area of Bilston. For more information on the exciting new concept of Home Zones visit www.homezones.org

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