March 2003

Why bother driving to the football 
Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Football fans travelling to the Molineux are being encouraged to travel to matches by more sustainable modes. In a move to tackle the problems caused by traffic to local residents around the ground, residents will be supplied with travel permits to enable them to park free of charge outside their homes. The trial scheme was approved by Wolverhampton Council's transport and regeneration team on the 3rd March.

Wolves on Wheels welcomes this bold move to tackle the traffic chaos caused by matchday traffic. Our organisation puts forward the following proposals to tackle the problems caused by matchday traffic:

a.. the City Council should work with Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club to initiate a travel awareness programme under the current Travel Wise initiative and to promote the health benefits of walking and cycling to football matches.
b.. Molineux to develop its own Travel Plan for staff who work at the stadium.
c.. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to show dedication to its supporters and run an express bus services from allocated park and ride sites (eg. along the proposed A449 Red Route) for fans who have no alternative but to use the car. The Merseyside Football Clubs can provide best practice as they operate such schemes in association with MerseyTravel.
d.. Wolverhampton Wanderers follow the example of Southampton Football Club and install 200 cycle parking stands to allow supporters to cycle to the match - we have noted that the Asda stands are full up on matchdays and many fans have to chain their bicycles to the nearest street furniture.
e.. Wolverhampton Wanderers to work with Centro and local bus operators to provide a reduced price tickets for travel on the Metro and Bus network.
f.. Wolverhampton Wanderers to set up a Supporters Car Share Database.
These are just some of the examples of the initiatives to reduce the impact of traffic. We are pleased that the Council has taken the initiative and fully support them in their efforts to make Wolverhampton a healthy, vibrant and sustainble city and to protect our neighbourhoods from the ravages of traffic growth. WELL DONE to members of the Transport and Regeneration Cabinet who have shown a bit of foresight and shame on those who continue to pander to the unsustainable requirement for more tarmac and parking spaces.
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