April 2003

Sunday, April 27, 2003

The quality of life in many neighbourhoods is plagued daily by motorists seeking to knock a few seconds or minutes off journeys to work or school. 
The environmental group Transport 2000 and other partners are running a competition to identify the worst 'rat run' in the UK. 
Neighbourhood groups in Wolverhampton wishing to enter this competition may download a copy of the details and application form from the Transport 2000 website
or by contacting Transport 2000 on 020 7613 0743.

Trailblazing ride 
Sunday, April 27, 2003

MAY 3rd
Trailblazing ride to publicise the Proposed Section of Route 81 from Wolverhampton to Telford.
Please see the documents page for further details.

(Trailblazing news issue 1) 
(Survey of Sustrans route 5 documents)

Get rid of the yellow paint! 
Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Safety campaigners, including national cyclists' organisation CTC, have forced the government to drop its demand that road cameras be painted yellow. 

After a High Court battle yesterday, ministers conceded that safety camera partnerships can apply to the Secretary of State to use hidden fixed speed cameras.

A joint statement by the government and campaigners announcing the new road safety principle and issued following a judicial review, followed a ten month campaign by Transport 2000 and the Slower Speeds Initiative which includes CTC.

Roger Geffen, CTC Campaigns and Policy Manager said, "This agreement re-establishes the principle that motorists must respect speed limits at all times, not just when they can see a yellow camera. Many lives will now be saved and cycling on our roads will become far safer and more enjoyable as a result."

Vicky Cann, Assistant Director of Transport 2000 said: "This is a good decision for road safety because drivers across the road network now know they must stick within the speed limits, thereby reducing the death toll on our roads."

Paige Mitchell, Co-ordinator of the Slower Speeds Initiative, says: "Now we will be asking the Secretary of State to set up trials of covert versus overt cameras so that we can establish their comparative safety benefits. The door is now open to safety camera partnerships to apply to use fixed covert cameras if they think this will reduce speeding on their roads." 
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