September 2003

Police Cycle Training 
Thursday, September 4, 2003

Wolves on Wheels in association with Wildside Activity Centre has just completed training the Wolverhampton West Police to cycle!

For those of you who saw the negative article in the Excess and Slur the other week, the course has been deemed a great success from both sides, with us able to put across the problems and benefits of riding in traffic. 
The cost has worked about to be approx £25 per officer.

We have been training them to ride confidently and assertively in traffic, we have also taught them to deal with hazards that they may come across whilst in pursuit criminals.

The comprehensive syllabus includes

Bike setup – choice of bike + Supplied equipment 
Pre-ride safety check
brakes tyres wheels gearing loose bolts, simple run through.. If in doubt of it's safety dont use it! 
Position on bike
seat/bar height, feeling comfortable and being able to see easily
Balance /stability – (away from road using cones, rope areas)
Control skills- basic manoeuvres (away from road)
(using gears, turning tight corners, using hand signals, looking behind, avoiding obstacles, hills, starting/stopping, simple junctions)
Coffee Break
Basic Road skills – develop practice of above on quiet roads (farndale is obvious choice)
Traffic awareness observing junctions/traffic behaviour Listening/looking (done whilst out on bikes)
Vehicular riding, (positioning/attitude, making others aware of your decisions) 
In between 1.5 and 2 metres out, get in field of view of other road users. 
No matter how good the visibility of clothing if someone isn't looking at you you won't be seen.
Long vehicles
position crossing junctions
Group Riding and Patrolling in pairs
When to ride two abreast when not to, spacing & awareness of others behaviour 
Route choice/ planning the differences between Speed/time or comfort
main road or quiet route, road or cycle path
Pavement/alleyways in pursuit 
Advanced riding practice, (turning right across traffic, roundabouts, overtaking, slip lanes, traffic queues, )
Lunch Break
Hazards – non motor traffic 
dealing with peds, animals, other cyclists, 
road conditions 
kerbs, (body positioning / bunny hop) 
potholes (avoidance / bunny hop)
steps, (sometimes quicker and easier to dismount and run)
manholes, (stay upright avoid cornering on them in wet)
Urban riding (bus lanes, traffic calming, one way streets, cycle routes, advanced stop lines, tram tracks)
Weather skills.
Patrolling at night (appropriate lighting & clothing)
Conflict Resolution on bike (position bike between you and suspect, stopping motor vehicles)
Traffic Regulations (including Highway code as it relates to cycling)

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