June 2004

Cinema Night success 

Bike Week so far 

Bikers Breakfast at Civic 

Fards does the End to End part one 

Cinema Night success 

Thursday, June 17, 2004

More than 45 people came to the third WoWcc Bike Week Cinema night. They chuckled and laughed at the antics of Francois the postman played by Jaques Tati in L'Ecole des Facteurs and were captivated by the weird world of Belleville Rendez-vous with Grandma, Champion, Bruno the dog and the mad old Triplettes des Belleville. 

We saw Martin Beddall's silent film of last year's Trailblazing ride - stills of which are accessible from the Sustrans Ranger pages of this site. Thanks to Martin and film sponsor Sustrans. 

Watch for news of next year's cinema night in the months to come.



Bike Week so far 

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Well where were you all for Sunday's absolutly perfect Bike Week Picnic ride ? 

8 Members [including 4 little ones] rode up the canal from Aldersley Stadium, meeting Cycling in Sandwell members on a Bike Week ride, to access the Droveway, from where we made our way to Bilbrook and Gunstone. We arrived at the Codsall Wood gatehouse of the Chillington Estate and received a warm welcome from the gatekeeper before entering what seemed like a perfect secret garden. David Nicholson lead us to the perfect picnic spot beside the Pool [large fishing lake surrounded by mature mixed woodland] and a bridge over the 'canal' to the House. Dave had also managed to arrange an air Display from the Red Arrows ;-) . The children had a rolling good time playing in the meadow and around the bridge. We rode on and returned the waves of the Gifford family who were taking their own airshow picnic beside their big House. 
The group went up to Boscobel House to have ice cream and let the children play hide and seek in the knot garden . We rode back past Chillington to Gunstone and into Pendeford where the happy riders split to go their various ways.

Thanks to David Nicholson for a great day out.

Cinema Night is Tommorrow at the Light House ! See details elsewhere on this website !

Midsummer evening ride is on on Friday and there's a CTC Wombourn section ride from the village at 0930 on Sunday 20th June to No Man's Heath - details from Martin on Web: womctc.fsnet.co.uk
Email: mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bikers Breakfast at Civic 

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Tommorrow at Wolverhampton's Civic Centre there is a bikers' breakfast put on by the City Council Highway department. 

The first 40 arrivals between 08:00 and 09:30 will be provided with a free yummy cold breakfast, asked to complete a short questionnaire (optional) and may be asked to have their photograph taken for event publicity. There will be a 'Dr Bike' facility offering free basic maintenance subject to availability of Fards and parts.

WoWcc says well done to officer Ric Bravery for getting this organised. 


Fards does the End to End part one 

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ian Fardoe is riding the from Land’s End to John O’Groats at present on his Recumbent bicycle. He’s riding with all his luggage and travelling alone without support. He’s raising money for the West Midlands and Shropshire Stroke Support Group in order for the group to offer the use of their special tricycles to more stroke victims. Pledges received gratefully at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

See his photo by clicking on our Sustrans Rangers page, then trailblazing ride photo gallery. Image 18 entitled 'Whee!' is Ian on his then new Bent. 

Prologue. Thurs 10 June 2004 9.30pm 

16 miles to Hayle in 1 hour, to spend half an hour finding campsite. A30 is gorgeous rolling road to here, perfect for the 'bent.

Fri 11 June

Up early to be out at 8 and climb up to Cambourne, back route through 
to the town to hit the A road to Redruth in rush hour. DOH. Out the other side to descend very steeply to Chacewater and first 1 in 12 
out again. couple more steepies to cross A road to Truro. Down gorgeous 
little lane then up 1in9 to Truro.

Climb out of Truro; up and down lots, on a road to St Austell, go so fast along main road down hill that I miss the town, very nasty long climb out 4mph. BONK! rest and eat everything in bags, start to descend into Lostwithiel (makes the Hermitage in Bridgnorth look flat and short). Car pulls in front of me with brakes on, blow front tyre out at 30 after using brakes all way down ; cooks inner tube. OUCH! 
Dinner in tearoom, more dinner in CO-OP. I was going to stop here but its only 1 o'clock! So I climb out along A390, up and down, then up and down some more to Liskeard, feeling slow and tired.

Get to liskeard for 4 o’clock rush hour, rest up for hour or so to allow traffic to clear. fast descent out, then series of very long climbs and fast descents. At one point a bloke walks up a hill faster than I’m riding! 

A very long and steep switchback descent to Gunnislade; then same in order to climb up on the way out and reach Devon. Drag rear disk down every slope as worried about blowing front again, why didnt I put a disk on the front, bloody cheapskate! I descend to Tavistock, feeling suspiciously good. Gentle roll along valley floor to gorgeous campsite at Peter Tavey, recommended, for 8. 90 miles.

Day 2 
Up and out for 10 as people keep on coming and talking to me! Original plan was to go to Okehampton but that’s only 20 km ! So I may as 
well push on – but should I go round or over Dartmoor? The weather looks ok, so over. 1 1/2 hours to the Princetown turn. Three 1in12s. Surely it's flat now, HAH. Up and down three in 1in9s before I get to descend into Moretonhampstead. Stop to refuel. Guy comes over on MTb who’s out for a day, ride spend hour or so chatting with him, he shows me a 1:12500 map of the area. Good grief! that road has 6 chevrons! And I can’t see a way round it. I decide to carry on to Tiverton and camp there. It was a huge climb out of MH, and I fall off on 1 in 5 switchback. Curses. Down 1in5 with scary blind corners, rear disk squealing and not really slowing me down, up other side 1 in 9. Down again, up again, down again, up again. I stop at bottom to check disk, it's leaking fluid. Curses! Push up hill, take photo of 1in5 sign at top. fix disk, must have baked pads, need file or new pads. 

I carry on along more 'gentle rolling roads' to Crediton. Get there for 4, go to bike shop, doesn’t look promising from outside, mmm Giant semi- recumbent and Puky's in window, maybe it is good. go in and ask about pads, nope, borrow file. Mechanic comes out and gets very excited about 'bent. He's got a low-racer coming. Spend two hours chatting and sorting stuff out. I feel frazzled, two red hot days. The mechanic shows me nice route to Tiverton. I stop in Tiverton to get food and talk to local kids. The camp is apparently 7 miles further but fairly flat so tootle off. But the campsite doesn’t exist; up and down some 1in12s looking - nope, CURSES. The nearest one is near Wellington, sod another 8 miles, follow along side of valley, then climb up to A 38, see deer off up road ahead of me, campsite is down hill, get to campsite, see sign that points along valley floor to where I've just been, CURSES. Woman in campsite is great, I get to camp for free as doing LE JOG for charity!

Day 3 Somerset

up late as didn’t get into tent till gone 12. Easy day to Cheddar, 
leave about 11 down hill then rolling on A38 to Taunton. I stop for 
breakfast, Taunton is great, loads of cyclists. head up A38 then decide to follow canal to Bridgewater, loads of crap gates, never get panniers 
through on any bike. much swearing, St John Street Cycles are closed. Curses! I hoped to pick up a decent spare 20" tyre. Bridgewater is dire, chavs everywhere, obnoxious rude, litter and modded cars. 3 try and run me off road, rest of motorists are as bad . I think they should hold a max power event here then nuke the place because it would improve the quality! 
I head up steep hill. Hang on - this is Somerset? So there’s a lovely view over the levels to Cheddar. I go down to the flats then spin along at 35 km/hr, pass old couple, turn junction and see another couple, one on upright tadpole trike. wait to chat, nice machine, wish I’d taken pictures. 
Off to Cheddar, ride along ridge at Wedcombe to make ride more interesting because I’m bored of the Somerset levels. It’s secret gardens day so lots of flowery hats on show, people wandering everywhere. The ‘recumbent wave’ gets used to full effect. I go into cheddar to find campsite but a sign says closed permanently. Curses. Turn round and two signs on opposite side of road show camping. Choices , choices, one looks full so go into other, £10 ! for dodgy looking old football field, oh it was a football field. Lots of caravans being pulled by 4x4s with England flags on :( I get a curry from town and have pint whilst waiting, get another bottle of beer and eat curry at campsite. I feel very happy and am asleep by 8! I get woken by people returning from pub after watching England lose to France. Very annoying old Yorkshire woman whinges about everything she can till 2 in the morning. But happily, after spending 20 mins looking for them I found my ear plugs. 

Day 4 Monday 14th June. To Gloucester and Worcester.

Up at 5-15 and make as much noise as possible to get even. HAH! 
I leave camp at 7 to head over Shapwell to Clevedon. There are 220 km to do today and I presume the first rural road will be very quiet but - no - large quarry on top and lots of lorry traffic. [Why didn’t the Holmans tell me about these lorries from when Tandem 2000 was in Cheddar ? ] 
Up and down all time. [Ian you’re in the Quantock Hills – Ed]. Down hill to Langdon but I get cut up by a first class fool in small blue car so he can get into the university of Bristol vets centre 3 seconds 
Faster. I nearly went after him , but the sun has just burnt the fog away and think better of it.

Busy rat run to Clevedon, take Avon route to Avonmouth bridge. Why are 
people so miserable here? I pass 20 cyclists but only 2 say hello in return. I cross the bridge at about 9 am and try following Sustrans NCN route on the other side, instead of sticking to road. I give up after doing 1 mile in 25 minutes. Bloody barriers everywhere. I go onto minor road and A416, I think, then drop down west, then climb back up 
to avoid main road (dunno why). I get on top of the ridge along the A38 at 10am. Gorgeous views across the Severn estuary. Also the A38 is great, rolls along the egde of the plataeu for miles without any serious climbing. 
I get to Gloucester for 12. [ But not in a shower of rain -ed]. Gloucester is horrible for cyclists in my opinion with really bad 6 inch wide cycle lanes that go at right angles everywhere. The very center is better but they need to teach the motorists that there are cycle exceptions to one way streets. Some really obnoxious pedestrians were evident, one of whom tells me that cycles aren’t allowed. So I point out the NCN sign behind his left ear ! 

I’m meeting Tim in Worcester between 5 and 6pm, so I rest up for hour or two at the cathedral in the shade. I then head out along A38, which has cycle lanes along some stretches of it. Before Tewkesbury they've reduced it to a single carriageway and put a 2m segregated cycle lane in with 1 metre of hatching before the PMV lane. Pity it stops so abruptly. I take a break in Tewksbury before hitting the rolling 
road to Worcester. I get into to the city and drop down to river for 4 pm. That’s 108 miles in 6 hours riding. Tim turns up at 5-15pm and we head to Jon’s house, where we meet Martin. We chill for a while then head to a pub for tea. The Wolves on wheels tri leave the pub at eight 
and head home. But calamity! The ‘bent’s rear mech. snaps! Roadside repairs are adequate to limp back to Worcester station and catch the train to Wolverhampton where my Dad collects me in his car.

Day 5 Tuesday 15 June Codsall. 

I don’t know whether to go back to Worcester today on my Cyclo-cross bike or tomorrow on 'bent to complete the distance. Replacement parts are due tomorrow from Future Cycles. Bikers breakfast at Wolverhampton Civic centre tomorrow and the WoWcc cinema night in the evening might make for a busy day. 

To be continued . Will Ian get to the CTC York Rally this weekend. Watch WoW news to find out!

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