Conference Updates III 

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The cost for the curry on saturday night will be £10 for 3 course buffet, we've chosen all vegetarian for that as most people attending it are!
Curry is from 7 till 9.30, so there will be room for an odd pint (or should that be time?) afterwards.

There will be two sunday rides:
The first featuring the highlights and horrors of cycling in Wolverhampton. We're hoping to show a very balanced mix of both the best and worst their is, and their definitely is. 
The second will be a run out to Cosford and either the Cafe at the Aerospace musuem or the "spiders web", which is a traditional cyclists haunt. The latter may well be busy as this weekend sees the 25th anniversary of the present owner in the Spiders web cafe. 
We will leave it to delegates to decide which they would prefer, (or a pub as an option).

Perhaps we should have been honest and called the conference Cycling and Alchohol Intergration.

More speakers confirmed for the Conference 

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

All speakers are now in place for the conference,
the latest two to confirm are 
Dr Malcom Read, Director of Transportation in Wolverhampton.
Who will be coming to talk amongst other things about the transport interchange.

Dene Stevens, Walking and cycling Development worker, Rowley Regis PCT
Who will be coming to talk about cycle training, focussing on "cycling for health".

Two speakers have dropped out, Worcester Council aren't coming to talk about their sustainable transport town bid, and neither are cycle training UK to talk about cycle training and the congestion charge.

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