Wolverhampton Cycle Forum Minutes
Thursday 16 January 2014, 6pm
Committee Room 3, Members’ Suite, Third Floor
Civic Centre, St Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton


  1. Minutes of the last meeting (13 October 2013)


  1. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere)

  1. It was agreed that if the designated Chair was not in attendance for Forum meetings a substitute should be nominated to fulfil the role. On this occasion it was agreed that Julia Brant act as Chair.

  2. It was agreed that the minutes should continue to be issued promptly.

  3. Smestow Valley pathway. It was noted that the material forming the surface of the path had now packed down, and the only concern was the covering of leaves. TP agreed to take this up with City Direct.

  4. Council Website content. It was noted that the websites Fill That Hole and Fix My Street had advantages over the Council’s pothole reporting, and it was suggested it might be in the Council’s interest to adopt one of these. TP agreed to refer this to StreetScene.

  5. It had been suggested that the Lock Works might provide an alternative meeting venue for the Forum which would be less austere than the Members’ Suite. However the members’ Suite was proving reliable and there were no conflicts with other users, so it was agreed to continue using the Members’ Suite at present for Forum meetings and bear the Lock Works in mind for breakout meetings.


  1. Cycling Promotion Event

The meeting welcomed Sgt Martin Hewitt and PC Donnie Gordon of the Heath Town Neighbourhood Policing Team. They proposed a community engagement event around cycling, prompted by contact with New Cross Hospital, which had raised issues around cycle theft, travel to work and general public health. A suitable location for the event base is Heath Town Park, WMP could offer public liability insurance. The Hospital might have staff involved in such an event. It was suggested the Council’s cyclist instructors attend and offer skill coaching. A more suitable option was to deploy the mobile “mountain bike track” There was obvious potential for accompanied rides out onto the towpath. Possible organisations to involve, Centro, Sustrans, WOW, Bikeright, Cycle Actifit, Local neighbourhood Partnership, Canal & River Trust.

  1. Scrutiny Panel Meeting

It was generally agreed this went well. A key point made was that developments must interconnect and be strategically planned. WOW have given their views in their document and consider it the business of Council to develop a strategy. WOW will support as appropriate. Process should be driven by someone with a track record of achievement and ability to make things happen. 6-9 months considered to be suitable timescale for development of the Cycling Strategy; WOW expect to be consulted.

  1. Public Health Transformation Fund bid

TP advised that a bid had been made to the Public Health Transformation Fund for a cycling project centred on Moseley Park School and the surrounding area. The aim of the project was to address inactive lifestyles by creating a network of cycle routes leading to the school and carrying out training and other promotional activities geared to embedding cycling as a means of transport in the community. It was agreed there would be a role for local Police in the activities. WOW offered a letter of support.

  1. Wolves on Wheels

Took part in a Partner Engagement event in Dudley in October, where the Centro Cycle Charter was discussed. WOW suggested user panel to ensure involvement of cyclists. Also offered advice on design.

WOW has a new website … Wolvesonwheels.org.uk Offers a news service for members. No forwarding service from old address. Thanks offered to SY for his time invested in this.

  1. Sustrans

SY had recently discussion with Lisa (area co-ordinator) There had been a couple of new volunteers recently. SY planning a meeting of the Wolverhampton group in Feb/March.

WOW want Sustrans to complete integrity of NCN81. JB to take up with Yvonne Gilligan.

  1. Infrastructure Matters (WCC)

It was noted that the Wolverhampton cycle map was in need of updating and being made available online.

The City Centre Public Realm Improvements were to be the focus of further discussion but in the light of recent developments it was considered wise to defer any further discussion until the future of these Improvements was clear.

An update on plans for the Metro Extension was requested.

It was queried whether the Sainsbury works now under way included an additional vehicle running lane on the Ring Road approach to the Chapel As Roundabout.

It was noted that the crossings on the PennRoad Roundabout connecting to the top of the ramp were still pedestrian, not toucan.

It was queried why the link from Bilston High Street past the Bert Williams Leisure Centre was not shared use.

  1. Cyclist Training
    It was reported that the Road Safety Team was on course to have trained 300 young cyclists to Bikeability level 3 this year. It was queried how long after the training the young people continued to cycle.
  1. Any Other Business


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