So why is cycling so good?
There is a wealth of information available to highlight why cycling is good.

The most obvious are you will feel, function (and look!) better, and soon, from the many benefits.

Any form of exercise is beneficial as it helps prevent coronary heart disease, reduce high blood pressure, combat obesity and fight off adult diabetes. There is some current research that suggests exercise can help prevent some types of cancer, notably a German report recently highlighted a positive link between cycling and reduced cases of breast cancer in women.
We are designed to live our lifestyles doing physical activity; unfortunately the majority of people have become sedentary over the last few years, as technology has replaced human effort.
Traditionally people walked or cycled either as part or their entire journey to work or to school, this moderate exercise has declined, being replaced by the private motorcar.
Unfortunately this is having a negative impact on health leading to increased heart disease, obesity and strokes.

It only takes a moderate amount of exercise to help arrest these conditions; unfortunately exercise is often sold in isolated “fads” which most people don’t stick with for a long enough period of time.

Cycling is a form of exercise that can easily be integrated into your regular daily routine.
It doesn’t have to mean you get sweaty or out of breath.
Current research suggests a total of 2000 kCalories per week is an ideal amount of energy to spend.
About 45 minutes cycling per day, 5 days a week is enough to have a great effect
It is easy to fit this into a daily schedule, by cycling to and from work/school (the average person can manage to cycle 5 miles in 20 minutes).

It is best to keep moderately exercising throughout your entire life; the best way of continuing exercise is to fit it in to your daily life.
Many people feel that they have a lack of time for active recreational activity.
Cycling can easily be used as a form of transport so doesn’t need special time allocated to it and this is why cycling is so good for you.

Cycling also has many benefits for your mind too, cycling is a good way of relaxing;
Even if you experience road rage on your journey, by the end of the trip you will have exercised the frustration out.
By exercising you find that you are more productive at other times, if you ride to work you find that you are awake when you get there, and remain that way for longer.
Psychologists have found that people that cycle are friendlier, more relaxed and more aware of social concerns.
In one study the conclusion was that if the authors children ever got into trouble he hoped there would be a cyclist around to help them out!

Many people feel that cycling is too dangerous but the risks are small compared to other activities.
You stand 10 times more chance of getting injured whilst playing football, basketball and netball and 20 times more chance of getting injured whilst playing squash.
The overall risk of having an accident whilst cycling is under 1 for every 2000 hours, compared to 4 in the same amount of time spent in a car.
The British Medical Association states that health benefits outweigh the risks of accident by over 20 times.

Article Dated 2000 / 2001

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