Richard Pitt
Development Control
Wolverhampton City Council
Civic Centre
St Peter's Square



Ref: Planning Application no. 11/00365/FUL (Tesco Supermarket at site of Royal Hospital)

Dear Mr Pitt

This development offers an opportunity to improve the cycle-friendliness and sustainability of Wolverhampton town centre by making it easier for customers to choose to go shopping by cycle and by improving cycle routes in the area. Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign would like to comment as follows:


Cycle Parking at the store. We are aware of some recent examples where developers of retail outlets have not followed best practice. The consequence has been  that cyclists prefer to lock their bikes to railings or shopping trolley corrals rather than use the facility provided. This is a pity, as there is plenty of good guidance available, eg

Location. Cycle parking is shown close to the store entrance and in full public view. This is good, as it is convenient and it also deters thieves and vandals. Although it is shown on the car park side of the entrance atrium we presume that it will be accessible to cyclists who arrive on the Cleveland Rd side from the town centre (by wheeling their bikes across the surfaced area and round the end of the atrium). It would not be desirable for cyclists to have to follow the same route as cars in from Steelhouse Lane.

Type. The type has not been specified on the drawings. 'Sheffield Stands' are an appropriate type of cycle parking for this development as cycles of different sizes and styles can be securely locked to them with little danger of falling over if knocked or when being loaded (This type has been provided at many public locations throughout the city by the council). It would be normal in this sort of application to orientate them perpendicularly to the nearest wall rather than parallel as this enables both sides of the stand to be easily used. A simple roof providing rain protection would be a welcome addition.

Number. One of the application drawings shows seven spaces for cycle parking; it is not clear if these are single or double sided. WoWCC feels it would be desirable to have capacity to park a minimum of 12 cycles, located in such a way that it would be possible to increase capacity if experience showed more were needed in the future.


'Cycle Corridors'. At present the roads bordering the development site (Cleveland Rd, Gordon St, Steelhouse Lane and Vicarage Rd,) provide a desirable network of quiet routes for cyclists wanting to avoid Bilston Rd and the Ring Rd when travelling between the town centre, All Saints and Monmore Green. These also join up via Pond lane to a line of quiet roads leading towards Parkfield without having to use the busy A4123. We are keen that this facility should not be lost.

With these provisos Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign would support this planning application.

Yours faithfully



Mike Jenkins

on behalf of Wolves on Wheels Cycle Campaign


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