NCN81: Canal Route in Wolverhampton

Advisory diversion for period 7 June to 3 September 2010

A section of towpath on the Birmingham Main Line Canal will be closed from Monday 7 June to Friday 3 September 2010 for improvement works by British Waterways. Three access points will be closed: Cable Street, Bilston Road (A41) and Lower Walsall Street.

The next available access point to the east is Dixon Street. The next available access point to the west is Horseley Fields Junction. The diversion routes are for rejoining the canal at the other end of the closed section. Other signed routes are available for City Centre and Station if desired.

Diversion routes: L = left, R = right, SO = straight on.

Diversion East-West

Exit canal at Dixon Street. L Dixon Street.

R Major Street, SO Steelhouse Lane.

L Cleveland Road, just before reaching A41 Bilston Road.

Where priority carriageway bears L into Vicarage Road, continue SO with care (crossing priority traffic from L). Continue Cleveland Road.

Cross Ring Road St Georges on toucans. Follow signed cycle route for “City Centre” and/or “Station” (symbol) to Bilston Road Island subways.

Exit subways at far side bearing L, signed “Station”. Cross Horseley Fields on toucan. (After toucan, cycle route is signed L on shared use pavement to Station, ignore this). R on Horseley Fields (use road, cross junction of Corn Hill with care).

After 600 metres cross canal bridge then immediately L into unnamed alley.

Rejoin canal SO from alley.

Diversion West-East

Exit canal at Horseley Fields Junction. R on Horseley Fields (main road – cross with care).

Keep L (bus lane) and bear L into Middle Cross. Exit L onto shared use pavement, down ramp towards Bilston Road Island subways.

R at gap in “shared use” surface markings, into subway.

Exit subways on far side, signed “Town Centre” (old style sign). Immediately L on shared use pavement signed “Ring Road St Georges”. Cross Ring Road St Georges on toucans. After toucans SO on pavement to join Cleveland Road.

SO Cleveland Road, joining priority traffic from R (Vicarage Road).

R Steelhouse Lane (advisory: dismount and use crossing, watch for traffic from Bilston Road slip lane ahead). SO Major Street, L Dixon Street, R after bridge to join canal.


Information from BW, temporarily signed by DW shortly after, diversion removed by DW around 20/10/2011

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